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1. Regina Mills

Anyone who has seen me on this spot probably knows that I amor Madam Mayor mais than I probably actually should. :P And a few people probably want to know why. A while back I wrote an artigo on the matter, I've been meaning to re-type that so I'll do so here.

For one I amor the complexity and back story she gives to Disney's original Evil Queen. I like how Once took a character who tried to kill a girl simply for looking better than her and turned her into a character whose mother abused her (verbally for sure and implied physically) and killed her love. I like how she's not...
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Living in a small town like Storybrooke can make it very hard to find your happily ever after. That's why we created Singlebrooke, for people like us to find their fairytale ending.
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Once Upon a Time's retrospective special "The Final Battle Begins" airs at 7 on ABC, followed por the two-hour finale that will set the stage for seguinte season's reset.
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Check out the Once Upon A Time heroes laughing and breaking behind-the-scenes of season 5.
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