Mirror, mirror on the screen, who are the best and worst actors on the show?
I thought of this while I was doing my pesquisas about the best villain actors on the show. It also made me think of the Nostalgia Critic's best and worst Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes videos. So I decided to do a list of the best and worst actors on the show. Now, I would like to make ONE THING PERFECTLY CLEAR! Just because someone is in the worst list, it DOESN'T mean that I think they're a bad actor, just that I think that they're atuação isn't as good as the others. Because I think the atuação in Once Upon A Time is absolutely brilliant. So here is my list of both the worst of the best and the best of the best. Keep in mind that this is just opinion based and if you wanna make your own artigo with your list, feel free and go ahead. Now, let's start this artigo with the worst of the best.

The Worst

10.Julian Morris (Phillip)
Julian is a good actor but I just always felt like his performance was a little bland and lackluster. It might have to do with that we don't see much of him in the show. He only appears in a hand full of episodes. But than again, so does Ariel and I think Joanna Garcia is a fantastic actress. Maybe it's the fact that his character literally has nothing. The disney Phillip was always to bland, generic, and had very little personality. The Once Upon A Time one is no different but for what Julian is given, he still does a good job at trying to give the character some depth and be interesting. But unfortunately, an actor can only do so much with a character that isn't very well-written. But still, his atuação is really good, it's just pretty bland and lackluster.

9.Georgina Haig (Elsa)
I remember some people being a little critical about Georgina Haig being casted as Elsa but I was still openminded about it because I had never seen Georgina in anything else. I have to say that while her performance as Elsa was good, it could've been A LOT better. First of all, what the hell is with that accent of hers? That's not Georgina's regular speaking voice. It sounds a little over-the-top and Elsa never had an accent. I do get emotion from her voice and her face but her voice can be a little over the top. Plus she just feels a little robotic and wooden to me. But much like Phillip, I give her credit for trying to add depth to a character who literally has nothing. Disney's Elsa has always been a horrible written character with very little personality. While she's no Idina Menzel, Georgina does do a good job as Elsa but there's only so much she can do with the character. Once again, good performance but could've been a lot better.

8.Ethan Embry (Greg Mendell)
Despite my hatred for Greg, Ethan does give a good performance. The scene where he discovers his father is dead, that was just great. However, the problem for me is sort of the way that the actor looks like and his voice. He's supposed to be a villain but villains have to be intimidating, which Ethan does not manage to do. He sounds and looks like such a dork, it's completely unconvincing to think of him as a villain. I mean, look at someone like Darla Dimple from Cat's Don't Dance or Angelica Pickles from The Rugrats. They're both just adorable little girls but their facial expressions and the voices when they do evil laughs or just do something evil makes them intimidating and scary. I mean, we're talking about ordinary little girls but they're mais intimidating than Ethan is as Greg. They manage to have you be surprised that their regular appearance could lurk an evilness inside, which I don't get with Ethan. I actually find the actor who played Greg as a child to be a better actor than Ethan.

7.Alan Dale (King George)
This was a really tough decision with putting him in here. The reason for that is that the problems I have with him are sort of part of his character. He does give a good performance but he's pretty stiff and a little robotic. I know it's part of the character because he's cold and unfeeling, but the atuação might be a little too stiff and robotic. I mean, he could've at least shown some sadness for his son dying. I mean, Alan's atuação does give him some depth, like when George is explaining how his wife could never bare children. So the atuação is good but a little too stiff and robotic for me. He's only a little worse than Ethan because of the scene where Greg finds his dead father.

6.Raphael Alejandro (Roland)
Okay, I'm going to feel like a complete asshole for this because I probable shouldn't have Raphael on here because he's just a little kid. However, considering a lot of the amazing actors (including amazing child actors) we've had on the show, he had to be here por default. I am cutting him slack because he's a little kid but look at child actors on the show like (too lazy to look up the real names) the actors that played young Snow White (best child actor EVER), young Rumple, Baelfire, Wendy, young Greg, and so on. He's definitely good for his age but of course, his atuação abilities haven't fully blossomed yet. I definitely can't put him higher because he is just a kid and is SO FREAKING CUTE!

5.Jared S. Gilmore (Henry)
I'm going to give you some warning, this is the last good actor on the worst list. He's a good actor but I really don't feel like he's come a long way since season 1. In season 1 I did cut him some slack because he was a little kid and was just starting out on the show. However, he pretty much just has the same kind of acting. He has an odd slur in his speech, his facial expressions aren't that impressive, his line delivery isn't always the best, and just something about his atuação just bugs me a little bit. I mean, it's not bad but it's not anything that great either. He's an averagely good actor but (despite Henry being one of my favorito characters) out of all the child actors on this show, he's the least talented. But maybe he'll improve in season 5.

4.Michael Socha (Will Scarlet/Knave of Hearts)
Many people seem to think he's a great actor, I disagree. He's mediocre at best in my opinion. At first I thought his accent was fake but it turns out that it's Michael's actual voice, I couldn't tell because it's pretty over-the-top. Anyway, his facial expressions are very stiff and robotic, he never says his lines convincingly, he always seems to breath heavily between lines, when he tries to do a facial expression aside from that same stupid one he makes it looks really bad, and is just average. He's just so robotic, even after her gets his coração back. He never feels convincing or genuine but he's never really bad either. He's mediocre at best and it's a disgrace to have him on Once Upon A Time instead of keeping him in the inferior spin-off where he belongs. So, not a bad actor but not good at all. He's mediocre and that's all he will ever be.

3.Peter Gadiot (Cyrus)
Once again, a mediocre actor but almost bad. I don't know if this is Peter's fault because the character literally has nothing and it's hard to give a good performance when playing such a bland and boring character. But he's always talking so quietly that you can hardly ever hear him, he has an emotionless expression on his face all the time, his only expression is a dopey looking smile, and his voice always sounds so bland. However, he's nothing compare to two of some of the WORST actors I've ever seen in my life.

2.Sophie Lowe (Alice)
Her atuação is absolutely HORRIBLE! I mean, I wasn't sure if it was because Sophie was an awful actress herself or because the character was just so terribly written but I looked at clips of her in other stuff she's been in and she's definitely a horrible actress. She's emotionless and dead, she lacks the ability to do facial expressions, when she does it's unconvincing, her voice is always monotone and lifeless, she can't even scream convincingly, lacks charm and charisma, and always takes huge breaths between lines. I don't know why people were complaining about Emma Rigby's atuação in the spin-off, it's Sophie's atuação that it is horrendous. She's untalented and I have no idea how she got the whole. I mean, she's not talented or even pretty. When an untalented actress like Megan raposa gets hired it's because of their looks, which at least gives the excuse that the director only liked her looks. However, when a homely girl that is untalented gets hired, it makes no sense. I guess the creators just didn't want people to be suspicious because they already hired two actors who aren't good actors but are good looking (Michael and Peter) and decided to have the main character be homely and untalented. However, there is one actor on the show who is actually worse than Sophie.

1.Parker Croft (Felix)

Ever since I first saw him appear on the show, I was just thinking what a horrible actor he was! People have said that it's just part of his character but it's not. The only way for someone to be this emotionless and dead is if they were hypnotized but the show never reveals that he was and I have proof that he isn't. When someone is hypnotized they always do what their master says without pergunta and never perguntas their master about anything. Felix has questioned some of Peter Pan's actions on what he'll do seguinte or what he should do with some things, not a lot, but he does do it some. So there is no other explanation other than the fact that the actor is just HORRIBLE! He's emotionless, lifeless, dead, can't deliver a convincing line, lacks any charm or charisma, and feels mais like a zombie on The Walking Dead than an actual evil minion on Once Upon A Time. He's just HORRENDOUS and i have no idea why people think he's good. I've seen him in some other stuff and he's still horrible and acts the same way he does here. Like Sophie, he's untalented and homely, so I'm surprised he actually got hired. But enough of this horrible actor, let's mover on to the best of the best.

The Best

10.Victoria Smurfit (Cruella De Vil)
I'm going to say that she isn't as good as Glenn Close as Cruella De Vil in the live-action movie, but she's still fantastic. I amor how she has a lot of style and charisma in this role. She definitely captured the spirit of Cruella and also added her own thing to it. She can have emotion to her when she wants to. She acts reserved and when she loses her temper, you better watch out for Cruella De Vil. She's so great that she actually made Cruella seem like the victim in the situation. She's just incredible as Cruella that it's hard to describe. However, the others have better emotion than she does.

9.Naveen Andrews (Jafar)
Pretty much everyone loves this guy, even if they don't like his character. He has such style and charisma, acts sinister in such a convincing way, he projects just amazingly, he's fantastic in anger scenes, and just has a lot to him in his acting. He actually adds some depth to Jafar's character and makes him quite interesting and even sympathetic. Boy what an amazing actor! However, the others are just better in my opinion.

8.Elizabeth Mitchell (Ingrid/The Snow Queen)
One of the few greats things about the Frozen - Uma Aventura Congelante story ark is Elizabeth's performance. She can be reserved but also show a lot of emotion and bring such depth to a character that makes them sympathetic. She doesn't seem like a villain type but also does seem like the villain type. What I mean por this is that she's very versatile and can pretty much do anything because of how easily she adapts. Plus the scene where she sacrifices herself to save everyone is just so heartbreaking and Elizabeth's performance makes it even mais heartbreaking. It was just absolutely phenomenal. However, she's not higher because at times she seems a bit too quiet and soft spoken.

7.Colin O'Donoghue (Hook)
He's a great actor that has a lot of charm and charisma to his acting. He can show so much emotion in his face and voice that it really gives him some depth. He's so good that it's hard to describe it. He projects his lines just phenomenally and has a lot of atuação skills. He can be a heartless villain, a redeemed badass, or a sympathetic character. There's not much I can think of to say with him. However, the others are just mais impressive in my opinion.

6.Robbie Kay (Peter Pan)
As much as I hate Peter Pan, Robbie Kay is a fantastic actor and is the main reason people amor an asshole like Peter Pan, because he's played por Robbie. Not a good reason to like a character but oh well. Robbie is so talented for his age, especially when he's among a bunch of adults. He has a lot of style and charisma to him and really captures that despicable nature of the original Peter Pan and takes it to new levels. He's probable one of the best actors EVER in my opinion. However, the others are just better in my opinion.

5.Barbara Hershey (Cora) and Emma Rigby (Anastasia Tremaine/ The Red Queen)
It's hard for me to decide which one of these two is better because they both have VERY similar styles of atuação that it's almost like they're the same person. They both have style and charisma, deliver their lines so convincingly, can so so much emotion when they need to, can be subtle while still being powerful, make the characters so interesting, and have such an air of class and elegance. Plus these two have such amazing chemistry together, Barbara is so talented that she can have chemistry with any actor. Emma is such an underrated actress. Both of them are absolutely brilliant and completely steal the show. However, the others are just better in my opinion.

4.Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan)
As you probably have noticed, all the actors on this list have played villains and Jennifer is actually the only one who doesn't play a villain (at least, not until season 5). She's so talented, has great facial expressions, perfect projection of her voice, and is just such a natural. I amor how a lot of times you don't have to count on her talking for her to tell you what she's thinking but her facial expressions just speak loudly enough for you. Jennifer is actually quite the sweet woman that isn't much of a hardcore, tough badass like Emma is, so I'm impressed with out she's able to get out of her comfort zone. She's an amazing actress but the others just have mais style and charisma to them.

3.Rebecca Mader (Zelena/The Wicked Witch of The West)
She's just such a flawless and brilliant actress that does everything as Zelena perfectly. She has so much emotion, passion, style, charisma, power, strength, and skill in her atuação abilities. She really makes me feel sorry for Zelena when we get into her backstory and her jealousy of Regina, so much that I wish she'd get her redemption. But she's not just a petty stick in the mud, she plays the villain so perfectly. She knows how evil she is and just relishes in it and loves every moment of it. She knows how to play such a manipulative character and that accent of hers makes her atuação have even mais style. However, she can't beat my topo, início two because they're my topo, início 2 best actors PERIOD, not just on Once Upon A Time.

2.Robert Carlyle (Rumpelstiltskin)
OH MY GOSH! ROBERT IS SUCH A BRILLIANT ACTOR! First of all, he's enjoyably over-the-top as the encantada Forest Rumpelstiltskin and just enjoys how evil he is. I think the villains are probably the most fun to play because they have no rules and can just do whatever the hell they want without any restrictions. That weird little laugh of his is just so enjoyable and perfect! As the mais subtle Mr. Gold, he definitely adds depth to him while still making him sinister and a force you don't want to mess with. But he can also play the character as sympathetic and complex. He's such an amazing and versatile actor. However, there is only one actor that could possibly beat him. Or should I say, actress?

1.Lana Parrilla (Regina)
There is no doubt that Lana is the most talented actor that EVER lived! She deserves a billion Oscars for her atuação because it is absolutely flawless, perfect, and brilliant! Everything she does is PERFECT! The emotion, pitch, projection, style, charisma, charming, movements, facial expression, voice, and pretty much everything is absolutely FLAWLESS! She's so incredible that I can't put it into words. Every scene she's in is brilliant! No matter how small or minor it is, she steals the show and turns it into a total masterpiece. Lana just has such a natural ability to do anything and has instant chemistry with any actor she's with. OH WHAT AN ACTRESS! The BEST actress of ALL TIME!