There are so many gorgeous woman in OUaT and that is what makes a list like this so hard. Each and every woman on this has something that makes her stand out from the crowd but here are the woman that stand out even among them. They are the ones that while watching I find myself thinking "I want what she's got"

7. Jack

The moment I say Jack in the promo for "Tiny" I though "wow she is pretty". First off she is fit as perfect in size and shape as a woman can be. Also I amor her hair and her smile. She really embodies the girl seguinte door type of good looks an ordinary beauty that really stands out. I wish she had been given mais then one episode not just because i think she was pretty but because I think she was an interesting character.

6. lagarto

lagarto reminds me of Ellen Page or Zooey Deschanel. The contrast of the dark hair and eyes and the pale complexion gives her a really unique and quirky look that I love. That contrast as well as her petite build makes her look just like a china doll. Although Liz may not be the most beautiful girl on the show unique nature of her appeal really makes her stand out.

5. Ariel

As the only redhead of course she was going to make it on this list. At first I wasn't sure about her looks, her hair doesn't look the best wet and her mermaid outfit was hideously gaudy, but as soon as she appeared on screen wearing Belle's clothes I was hooked. In modern clothes she looked the spitting image of Amy Adams. A woman who I consider to be on of the most beautiful atrizes alive today.

4. Mermaid

I know this character was only on screen for 5 minutos but man was she sexy.You will notice that for me it's basically all about the hair. The mais it resembles a shampoo commercial the mais I like it and the sereias long hair was gorgeous even when wet and those high cheek bones and long eyelashes just complete the attraction.

3. Aurora

Aurora is stunning. I can't help staring at her every time she's on screen. The fact that you can't really place what color her hair is just make's in mais fascinating. Also I'm not sure if it's her complexion or just Sarah but she literally glows on screen. So much that she makes everyone else look gray in comparison.

2. Amara

I generally prefer dark features to fair ones which is why Emma despite her gorgeous hair is not here. This means that Amara with her dark exotic features is a clear number two on this list. Before she even said a word I was already wrapped up in how beautiful she was. There's a reason no one dared to look at her in the marketplace. They were afraid of being blinded por her beauty. Her outfits were also beautifully crafted and complimented her complexion perfectly.

1. Red

Red is perfection in ever way including her looks. Her beautiful dark hair and high cheek bones make her look like a queen from the land of faerie. Just slightly too beautiful to be real yet not quite your ordinary beauty either.

Many of you will have noticed that Regina is not on this list. The truth is that although she is a beautiful woman it is her attitude and confidence that make her so sexy, at least for me.

Now the men . . .

Before I start... I am female and am primarily attracted to males so this section may be somewhat less constructive. I apologize in advance if I start talking about these men in a way thats makes them sound mais like pieces of art or com brio, puro sangue, puro-sangue cavalos rather then people. I amor their personalities (well most of them) as well but this is about there looks.

5. John Darling

This guy is adorable. Everything about him is just my type, the glasses the unruly hair that falls in to his eyes, the accent, the not old fashioned dress sense. I want mais of him .. but I suppose he and the other Darlings are long gone por now.

4. Cyrus

Cyrus is beautiful. There is no other word for it. His tousled dark hair, deep brown eyes and soft face that is just the slightest bit unshaven make him a very pretty man to look at indeed. It doesn't even matter that his character has the depth of a teacup, xícara de chá as long as his gorgeous face keeps showing up on screen.

3. Hook

Hook is incredibly sexy it is honestly very hard the stay constructive when it comes to him. His dark hair (you may be detecting a theme here) accent and just enough facial hair to be suitably swashbuckling are very enticing, but it's those eyes that seem to look right though you that make me go all quivery inside.

2. Quinn

Quinn is just too good looking to be real. He looks like he should be playing the villain in a Shakespeare play. (Fun Fact: I have an affinity for crushing on Shakespearean characters. Feste and Ariel were the first men I felt any sort of sexual attraction to.) He needed to have mais time just so I could look at him. Well at least I still have Hook even if my #1 was also tragically taken from us.

1. Graham

Of course. I miss this man so much. Why, why, why did you do this to me writers! You introduce me to the most perfect specimen of manly goodness ever to grace the screen and then you just take him away. The hair, the face, the broad shoulders that that work there way down to the most perfect V-shaped waist and long beautiful legs. Oh, why? I'm just going to go cry for a bit. T-T