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Why must people see only the negative side to the show?

Way too many times, I see so much hate for the show. People post vídeos on youtube about their hate and the comment section for those vídeos are all about hating the show. I have never seen so much hate for one show. At least a show that doesn't deserve it. Yes I know the show has its weak points but I never saw any reason to stop watching it and loving it. I think people forget or just not like the fact that the show is not like other drama shows out there where there's much mais maturity and intensity. This show is made for people of all ages whereas the other drama shows like Orphan Black, Game of Thrones, 13 Reasons Why and laranja is the New Black are for mais of an older audience so we can't expect really bloody gory scenes or super mature level intense scenes which I agree often makes for entertaining viewing but it's not like OUAT is all lightness and happy feely. It too has its dark intense moments. They just have to be careful not to go too far so the younger viewers don't get traumatized. This is basically why OUAT is my most favorito show cause it's not for a specific audience age. It's for all ages to enjoy. Not to knock off the other shows that are made for older audiences or younger audiences. I just like a show that has a large age range. I just don't get why people have to spread so much hate for such a lovable show that's all about family and hope and redemption and my personal favorite, magic! I never expect anything to be perfect. That doesn't mean it has to be labeled as the worst thing ever made.
 beekee404 posted faz 6 meses
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missdoney said:
me too :( , i make the same question.
Yes, isn't perfect. But have much positive things like friendship, apoloziges, redeemption, love, the good always wins and hope that everything will be fine.
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posted faz 5 meses 
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