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Why hasn't Maleficent been confirmed to return for season 5?

It just makes no sense! Why wouldn't she? Kristin Bauer is done with True Blood so unless she has another series, she should have mais time to continue being on the show. Part of the story aside from Merida, Dark cisne and Camelot is gonna be finding Lily's father who will also be Maleficent's lover who helped conceive Lily so to me, it stands to reason that Maleficent needs to return for season 5! I'm hoping she's at least return for the segundo half of the season since I'm assuming that's when they plan to focus mais on finding Lily's father.
 beekee404 posted over a year ago
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Blakemetaller said:
I think (at least in the first half of the season) the focus will be on Emma's darkness, getting her back from the encantada Forest or Camelot with the usual suspects (Charmings, Regina, Henry and Hook, and maybe a few others) traveling there to find her... I doubt they would bring Mal along for the ride, or be focused on her storyline... or that she would even want to be involved in changing what I'd call poetic justice, were I her.
Add to that that Mal has never been a permanent addition to the gang, even in 4B she didn't appear in every episode, and I think we will see very little of her in "5A"
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posted over a year ago 
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