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If you could pick which character should die next, who would it be and why?

I pick Leroy. I say this all the time but i just cannot stand him! One thing I hate about him is that he accuses people without actual proof! He doesn't even bother to say "Maybe it's this person" No, he just goes "It's their fault! They must die!" Like when he rallied the town por accusing Regina for casting the segundo curse and when he blamed Elsa for cursing Marion. Worst part is that we never see him apologize! If I remember right, we only saw him apologize once and that was in the segundo episode of the 3rd season when he accused Charming of only being after the trono or something like that.
 beekee404 posted over a year ago
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zanhar1 said:
I don't have a character I want dead. I don't care for Rumps at the moment but the show needs him.
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posted over a year ago 
I amor my Rumple... :(
lilspongelisa posted over a year ago
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