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posted by BriseisKenobi
oi everyone :) First of all I had absolutely no idea where to put this, but I'm gonna put it here anyway.

We're having an Obidala event to celebrate Valentine's dia on the 12 & 13 February at the Obidala Valentine Online Convention (OVOC) fórum and I'm the vid moderator this year. You all should come over and check it out! We're gonna have lots of vids, artwork and fics there and we might also have a chat on Skype too, so all Obidala fãs are welcome to cadastrar-se the fórum and have fun! :)
Here's the link:

You all should also cadastrar-se the Obidala fã fórum if you haven't already.
Basically a place where there's all things Obidala.

Anyway just thought I should put this up here since a lot of fãs miss the celebration. Hope you guys decide to cadastrar-se us there! :D