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What new Pokemon do you have for the seguinte region?

I'm holding a contest to see if you all can think of any new Pokemon for the seguinte Pokemon region! To do this you must:

-List its name.
-List its Pokemon kind. Ex: Mouse, fogo Horse, Superpower, etc.
-List its type.
-List its evolution. (If no evolution, keep it blank)
-List its ability.
-Describe the Pokemon.
-Add other information like its habitat, its favorito food, its moves, etc. (If you don't decide to list its moves, I will make up some)

If I like the idea, I'll leave a comment of how much I amor the idea and I'll use that Pokemon for the seguinte region!

If I don't like the idea, I'll leave a comment saying what I dislike about the idea so you can change it in the future!
 Eevee7Pichu2 posted over a year ago
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Yoshachu said:
I'm thinking of a new Pokemon called Barkkol, the fire-and-dark-type cachorro, filhote de cachorro Pokemon. Its ability is Flash fogo and most likely its favorito flavor berry will be spicy, but it can vary to be either dry or bitter. It can't like azedar, azedo or sweet. It looks like an laranja German Shepard cachorro, filhote de cachorro with sharp pricked up ears, round, black eyes with white pupils, (with brown eye coloring) a long, skinny tail, and a gray snout, paws, chest, underbelly, back, ears, and tail. I can't think of its evolution, but when I do, I'll add it.
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posted over a year ago 
Excellent! I can just picture this Pokemon in my head! Good detail, intresting flavor-likings. I'm definantly going to use this Pokemon for the seguinte region! Thanks, Yoshachu for your help!
Eevee7Pichu2 posted over a year ago
gamekaiser45678 said:
dark/dragontype, levithan, synry, evolves with a moonstone into synro, it like dry comida , moves
are dracometeor, dragondance, fireblast, and bite,and its aqbility are mamga armor
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posted over a year ago 
yoshi1234567890 said:
Mine is called leafer
its a leaf pokemon
the type is grass
starts at leafer,than leafest and then leafro
the ability is grama wall
this pokemon is basically a leaf.It has two feat and a face.You canfind him in a forest.He eats nature.This leaf can float with the wind to escape from its hunter.It also blends in with trees and other leafers.
His four moves would be
.leaf storm
.air razer
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posted over a year ago 
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