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oggie:well, well, well, jack the abóbora king!
oggie: finally made it huh? oh! i've been waiting!
oggie: how'd you like me oggie town? bwahahaha!
jack: it's over! it's over this time you've gone to far!
jack: it's over i'am serius!! just who do you think you are!?
jack: just because you fool a town it doesn't make you king!
jack: you better give up! surrender now!! iam fixing everything!
oggie: that's what you think ha! but you could't be mais wrong!
oggie: this will be the last tim you'll here the boogie song!
oggie: ~wow~ wow~ iam the oggie boggey man!
jack: i see your preety proud of all of you booby-traping schemes
jack: but you'll rule this town oh only in you dreams!
both: ha!
oggie: that's funny jack it was a dream but now it's coming true!
oggie: cause' even my mere shadow knows, your days of king are trought
both ohh ohh ohh
jack: IAM THE abóbora King
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