jack was in judys room(his duaghters room) wishing she was there. she had moved to easterland.he missed her a lot. he decided to go and find her. he made suits of the character of every holiday he wanted to destroy. he got in the bunny suit. every step he took he felt less guilty of ruining easter for the kids. he first had to find his daughter. after he found her they both made a plan to destroy easter. they were first gonna put little bombs in the eggs. than they set them out in the playground place to let little kids pick them up. once the kids opened it they will explode leaving the egg shell thing behind. they watched million of kids explode.then it was the parents turn.they usually are fat asses and eat all the cookies. so they made a new batter for the cookies. they made it look like chocolate chip. they actually poisoned every one of them. they watched as every adult eat it nd instantally fall to the floor "i like spending time with you dad" said judy. "aw thanku" said jack. together they went back to Dia das bruxas town and bragged to the others about wht they done.