After talking to Evangeline, Kasey made his way back inside the building. He was currently walking through the shaded sector, thinking. “Well, at least that’s out of the way,” He said in his mind as he proceeded walking. “She may not like me now but I’m sure she’ll come around.” He continued walking until someone blocked his way. It turned out to be Kaede, who was exploring the academy grounds on her own. “Hey,” She said while looking down at him with her eyes closed. “What do you think you’re doing walking around out here?” Kasey sat perfectly still as he didn’t know what to say. He knew that Kaede was one of the countless students who had no idea what he was capable of. She then giggled as she patted him on the head and said, “Well, just be careful kay?” She then proceeded walking as she passed him. Kasey turned and watched until she was gone. In his mind, he felt completely stupid. “Why didn’t I just say something?” He asked in his mind while a look of dumbness appeared on his face. Walking away with sulk, he proceeded.

Negi’s moments of teaching started to take a drastic turn. Not only did he have a hard time concentrating, but kept bumping into things as if he was blind. The girls were worried sick over him and tried everything in their will to make sure he was alright. Negi however told them everything was alright, even though he lied. The truth was that something did in fact troubled him. It was the story that Kasey explained the other night- about him being trapped in the Magical World and was planned to be a part of magical terrorist group. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t get over it. Explaining the matter to his students was also very extreme to think about as he didn’t want to scare or frighten them. But as Asuna always said- “No matter what position we are put in and no matter the risk of the mission, we will always stick together anytime and anywhere.” Negi would never forget those words. But something like this was different entirely. At lease in his own mind.

After the hours were over, Negi and Chamo were seen in Negi’s personal office. “What has gotten into you?” Chamo asked as he stared at Negi worriedly. Poor Negi continued staring at his shoes, not saying a single word. This was enough to cause Chamo to worry even more. Just then, Kasey came entered in. “Listen,” He said as he sat on the floor not far from them. “I am aware of what’s troubling you Negi and I am deeply sorry if what I said is causing you to act like this. I knew telling the story was going to cause trouble so I do graciously apologize.” Chamo’s head switched between looking and Kasey and at Negi. He was in fact lost por what was going on. Negi suddenly moved as he turned his chair around and looked at Kasey. “Kasey, there is no need for you to apologize. I don’t think it is your story that seems to be troubling me. Even if it was, it’s got nothing to do with you.” Kasey stared at him with surprise. “But how can you say that? I mean, I was the one that explained it all to you. Personally I am the one at fault.” Negi disagreed as he explained that there was no way he would be the cause of it. After all, he had a lot of faith for the loyal superhuman. Kasey however knew that this wasn’t enough to make Negi feel better and was going to try his hardest to do more. Through all of this, poor Chamo was lost with thought. “Would someone please explain to me what’s going on here?!” He asked while holding his head.

“Stop kidding around,” Negi chuckled while his eyes were closed. “You know very well what we’re talking about. Remember last night when Kasey explained his story to us?” After a brief moment of serious thinking, the little ermine remembered and chuckled as a tiny sweat drop formed on the right side of his head. “Oops!” He exclaimed while putting his left hand on the side of his head. Everyone had a good laugh. A little while later, the three headed out from the academy grounds as they were now heading back to the apartments. As they were walking however, Kasey’s stomach suddenly growled. They had a big reaction to it. “Did you eat anything today?” Negi asked. Kasey looked at him as he shook his head. “Why don’t we stop somewhere and eat?” Negi said while forming a little smile. Chamo certainly agreed but Kasey wasn’t sure- he didn’t want Negi to go through the trouble of paying jantar just for his sake. Sense he offered though, he had to go for it anyway. They eventually found a quaint little restaurant in the area and ate. Once they were through, they made their way to the apartments. Upon looking up, they noticed a light was on in the room where Asuna and Konoka stayed. “Why is the light on?” Negi asked. Nobody knew, but was curious to find out.

Upon walking down the hallway, they made it to the room door. Negi felt obligated to knock, but eventually got through it. Nobody however answered. “Try knocking harder.” Chamo said. Negi knocked harder. Someone then answered which was revealed to be Asuna. Her hair was down and she was wearing a nightgown. A big smile filled her face. “Hi guys,” She exclaimed. “Come on in.” As they entered, they were shocked. Not only was Asuna in the room, but so was Konoka, Ayaka, Makie, Yue and Nodoka. Apparently they were having a slumber party and it had been going for a while. “What is all of this?” Negi asked with shock. Nobody really answered but continued giggling. They were right in the middle of playing Twister and wanted Negi, Chamo and Kasey to join. And so they did. After that, they played a coupe, cupê, coupé of mais fun games as well as share stories. It was a fun filled night for everyone- especially Negi. Eventually, the time came when everyone settled down for the night. As everyone was asleep, Kasey was seen outside, looking down at the ground as well as looking at the night sky. His reason for not going to sleep wasn’t exactly revealed but there wasn’t a single thing that bothered him. In fact, he was actually thinking about how much excitement and fun he had so far just por being part of this amazing, wonderful world.

As the morning arrived, everyone was still sound asleep. Kasey eventually went to sleep as he was seen curled up in a ball near a corner of the room. Just then, Negi awoke and realized he was late. While he was panicked, he didn’t want to wake everyone in the room and quietly got changed. After shutting the door gently, he sighed with relief. “I hate to leave without telling them,” He said quietly out loud. “But I’m late.” With that said he walked to the right and managed to get out of the complex without any disturbances. A little while later, all of the girls made their way to the academy. Asuna, as usual, wasn’t in the mood. “Why do we have to do this dia after day?” She moaned. Konoka giggled. “Oh Asuna! You’re just too much!” Setsuna, who was walking along with them, didn’t have much to say. Though she was looking at Konoka. A thing about this is that Setsuna vowed to protect Konoka with all of her might. Ever sense they were little, they had been friends and continued to be this very day. It was something that would never be let go. After the sino rung, inside Negi’s classroom, Negi was seen standing behind the podium as he was calling out all of the students. Upon getting to one girl’s name, he discovered something unusual.

“Where is Mana?” He asked. Everyone turned to see the empty seat. The whole room was then filled with whispers and constant chattering. Negi started to worry. “Silence!” Ayaka exclaimed as she stood up. “There is no reason to get all worried just because Mana isn’t here.” She then turned and looked at Negi. “Shall we go procurar for her?” She asked. While it was true that Mana’s disappearance was important, leaving class was also something that couldn’t be done. He wasn’t sure what the right thing to do was. But upon seeing the reaction from all of the girls, he then knew what was to be done. “Okay, we’ll go look for her. But divide into groups and when you find her, let us know.” With that said, the whole class was now on a procurar effort. Ayaka wanted to be with Negi, but sadly was chosen to be with Makie, Yue, Nodoka and Haruna. Asuna, Konoka and Setsuna all ended up going with him. “Where do we begin our search?” Konoka asked. The academy grounds were pretty large, so finding this girl was going to be mais than a simple walk on the beach. Everyone however knew that leaving one of their own behind was out of the pergunta and that something awful could possibly happen.

Their procurar started around the center grounds. They couldn’t find her anywhere there. Then, they searched the back side of the academy and wasn’t able to find any sign of her there either. They did however ran into Kasey who also decided to cadastrar-se the search. minuto after minuto they searched, but found no sign of Mana. All hope was soon to be lost. However, a miracle happened when Zazie discovered her sitting on topo, início of the roof to a section of the academy. Negi and the others looked with relief. After finally finding her, Negi asked why she didn’t come to class. Mana was quite for a segundo but was able to speak. “They took them..” She said quietly. Everyone stared at her with confusion. “You’re going to have to speak up a little bit.” Konoka said. Mana’s hands formed into fists as her eyes weren’t visible. “They took them. My guns. They are..gone.” Everyone was still confused. “Tell us what happened.” Negi said with concern. There really wasn’t much of a story as she explained that when she got into her secret, weapon dorm all of her armas had vanished without a trace. Everyone was surprised. “Are you sure they took everything?” Asuna asked. There really wasn’t an answer, but a stare. She wondered what the deal was sense it was just an obvious question. “Take us there,” Negi said. “Let us see for sure if they are all really gone.” While Mana’s weapon dorm is strictly forbidden to be visited or viewed in public, she knew Negi too well and would only allow him to see it. Asuna and the others, including Kasey, stood by. “That’s not fair!!” Asuna screamed. “I want to go too!” Everyone sighed as she complained and argued.

In an unknown location, was Mana’s secret arsenal collection. Negi was really impressed and shocked por the interior design. The room was colored with gold and a bit of silver. From the left and right stood the panel were the entire arsenal was kept behind glass. However, what was really troubling was the fact that all of them were gone without any traces or clues. Negi observed the whole room, trying to determine what exactly happened. But sense there were no clues, the situation grew troubling. “I don’t understand,” He said in his mind. “How could they all disappear without the glass being broken?” It was then that he finally figured it out. What he believed was that some power used from the Magical World might have caused all the weapons to be removed without the glass being broken. He then turned and walked to Mana. “I think I’ve finally figured this whole thing out,” He said while looking at her. “It’s classified but I think I’ve solved the mystery.” Mana was a very understanding person. She may be a mercenary, but she did have a heart. However, in her own mind, she couldn’t get passed the fact that her treasured collection was missing and that getting it all the back was at the most importance.

Turning and walking a little at the right, she picked up a pistol that wasn’t stolen and put bullets in it. Confused, Negi wanted to know what was going on. “What do you think you’re doing?” He asked while watching. After carregando the gun, Mana point it at the left and then to the right, practicing her aiming. “I’m going to get it all back.” She simply responded. Negi’s reaction was then filled with shock. He wanted to disagree, but with this girl, there was no telling what the outcome would be if he spoke out. He just stood there, not saying a single word but looked down at the carpet. He thought to himself how risky this was and that he had to prevent her from going. But at the same time he didn’t want to come between her and her precious gun collection. Later on, he walked through the outside area of the academy, filled with thoughts. “What am I going to do now?” He asked in his mind. “I cannot just be the bad guy and come between her and her weapons. After all, I’m sure she treats them with a lot of respect.” The truth of the matter was that he was right. When it came to Mana, she treated every arsenal with tons of respect and care. While normally active, it became clear that when she was around a gun of any kind, she was happy- no matter what was at stake. This was something he would have to figure out overtime. As he was walking, he accidentally stepped on Kasey’s tail which resulted in a painful roar. “I’m so, so sorry!” He said while bowing up and down faster. Kasey however accepted his apology for at which Negi was relieve to know it was only him.

“So, what did you find?” Kasey asked. Negi turned to him, looking confused. He eventually figured out what he meant. “Well, from what I’ve encountered is that they were taken without the glasses receiving impact. I honestly believe that someone with magical abilities must have taken them.” All of this surprised Kasey. “But how can anyone else use magic?” He asked. “It just doesn’t make sense.” Negi informed that there were others in this world that used magic- not only himself. In fact, all form of magic comes from the Magical World which is a land filled with wizards and people who use them for different reasons. Some used them for good while others used them for greed. In the case of Negi, he is one of those who use it for the good. “What about that Evangeline girl?” Kasey asked. “What is she labeled through all of this?” There wasn’t really a good answer to that question. While she possesses the abilities of a vampire, her use for magic is actually unknown. Although because she is a vampire, her magic would be used for the will of evil and not good. However sense she isn’t considered much of a threat for the time being, she could be in the same department with Negi. Sense all of this was the case, he simply responded with the fact that he didn’t know. While that was a lie, Kasey accepted it. “Well then, what is Mana’s move? Is she going to retrieve them all?” Negi’s emotions slightly turned to sadness as he nodded. “I’m not sure if I should go with her,” He said while looking at the ground. “She is one of my students and I should help but then I don’t know what I’m going to do with the others.” Kasey, who listened to all of this, wasn’t going to let his spirits get the best of him. “Let’s go then,” He said as he sat seguinte to Negi. “Let’s go with her. If this means a lot to you, then we cannot leave one of our own behind. So let’s get going before it’s too late.” With that said, Negi smiled as he couldn’t thank Kasey enough for the courage. As they both left, someone spied on them from behind a lamp pole.

The stranger who was spying on them turned out to be Kū Fei, another student of Negi’s and was best known for her Chinese martial art skills. She was explaining what she heard to Asuna, Konoka, Setsuna, Ayaka, Yue and Nodoka. “Are you serious?!” Asuna asked. “How could they talk to each other like that when we are his partners?! Ugh!” Once more, her anger got the best of herself. Konoka on the other hand knew what to do as she calmed her down. “So, what exactly are their motives?” Setsuna asked. “I just told you loud and clear,” Kū responded. “They plan to go with Mana to get her weapons back. Do I have to act like a papagaio and repeat myself?” She was joking around while saying that of course, but there was no time for jokes. “We’ve got to pitch in and help them out,” Ayaka said worriedly. “My little Negi is going to be in grave danger and I don’t want his little body to be broken.” Everyone stared at her with no thrills. “I’m quite sure he’ll be alright,” Yue exclaimed. “After all, that Kasey person is with him and I don’t think he’ll put him through any danger.” While her statement was true, they still weren’t sure. “I think somebody needs to go with them,” Yue said. “But who will get to go?” This wasn’t much of a difficult outcome sense Asuna, Konoka and Setsuna all volunteered. “I will go too,” Kū said with happiness. “I want some excitement today and to test out my new skills I’ve been learning. See if I can give any bad guys a good punch!” Ayaka once again became enraged after she wasn’t allowed to tag only. Of course her reason for going was to keep an eye on Negi. “I guess we will distract the others,” Yue said while looking at Nodoka. “It’ll be fine I’m sure.” Nodoka was a little worried for Negi’s sake, but she had loads of confidence that everything would be fine.

Out por the open water, Negi, Mana and Kasey were staring at the ocean. No words were spoken as they continued staring. Negi however turned his head a little as he looked up at Mana. The expression on her face clearly showed how she was feeling at the moment. He wanted to speak but couldn’t as he felt too nervous. The silence was suddenly cut off por a loud sound that was heard a mile away behind them. Negi and Kasey turned quickly. The sight of four girls, who were running to them, was what they saw. “What are they doing here?” Negi asked while watching with surprise. “I suppose they have ratted us out.” Kasey sighed while closing his eyes and lowering his head a little. Asuna, Konoka, Setsuna and Kū all arrived. Asuna on the other hand was upset. “Negi you little brat! Why didn’t you tell me you were going out to help Mana?! I swear!” Poor Negi was in dire trouble. Her outrage was enough to send even the tiniest things with fright. Konoka and Setsuna did what they could to calm her. “We came because we all wanted to go with you in returning all of Mana’s weapons.” Kū exclaimed. While bringing them all was going to troubling, there was not much that could be done and he allowed them to tag along. With that being said, Kasey transformed into a dragon with a pair of giant wings and allowed Negi and the others to climb on his back. Within a couple of seconds, the giant creature finally took off as it flew ever so high up in the sky.

While they were flying, something crossed Kasey’s mind. “Where exactly do we need to go?” He asked loudly. Negi heard him, but he wasn’t really sure what to respond. However, he used the magic from his staff to pin point the location of where they needed to be. Saying the incantation, the tip of his wand lit up and a straight line formed in the air. This showed where they needed to go. “It looks like we need to continue going straight,” Negi exclaimed while still holding his wand. “Just follow the light.” With that said, the dragon proceeded, following the light. Asuna and the others meanwhile were enjoying the ride. Mana however didn’t have any emotional feelings over it and just enjoyed it for the sake of it. An hora later, everyone discovered a large island that wasn’t far ahead. “I guess this is where we need to be,” Negi said in his mind. “Let’s just hope we find Mana’s weapons and quick.” After a proper landing on the beach, Kasey transformed into a black colored jaguar which puzzled everyone. “Kasey, why are you a big black cat?” Konoka asked with curiosity. “That’s not a cat,” Setsuna exclaimed gently. “It’s called a panther.” Kasey however corrected them and said that it was actually a jaguar. They looked at him with confusion. “How can you be a jaguar when we can’t see your spots?” Kū asked. All Kasey could do was sigh. “We don’t have time for this,” He said with a serious tone. “We need to find Mana’s gun collection and retrieve them back to the academy.” While what he said was true and that they understood, there was just one problem- where on this island could they be? For the most part, Negi was nowhere to be found. It didn’t take long to figure out where he was as he had already climbed the slopes and made it to the topo, início where it leads into the jungle.

After a while of exploring through most of the island, everyone was on the roots of giving up. All except for Mana, who didn’t have any emotions whatsoever. “This is stupid,” Asuna exclaimed with anger. “We’re just on a wild ganso chase! There is no way they are in this place. I want to go home!” Sadly, Konoka and Setsuna agreed. Kū, Negi, Kasey and Mana on the other hand weren’t going to leave empty handed. “Listen,” Negi said. “I know we are down on our luck right now but we will hopefully find them. We just have to try harder okay?” His spirit was enough to convince both Konoka and Setsuna. Asuna on the other hand was different. All she wanted to do was just go back to Mahora and sleep. Sense that was never going to happen, she had to deal with it. They ventured back into the jungle and continued their search. “Hey guys,” Kasey said. “Come look at this.” They approached him and were shocked por what they saw. Down the large slopes, a big compound stood. There were small buildings in a lot of corners, strangers wearing armor gear that patrolled the routes and vehicles that looked a lot like Jeeps but were actually magically designed. “What in the world is that?” Konoka asked. “It looks like a compound or something,” Setsuna responded. “Mana’s weapons could be down there.” While this was possible, something didn’t quite add up. If the weapons were indeed there, why would these strangers want them? It was something that bothered Negi. Sense it was a haunch, a plan needed to be made. Kasey said he would go down and cause a diversion, allowing the others to go on without being in danger. While it was a good plan, everyone was worried for his sake. “Please do not worry you guys,” He said while smiling. “I’m a lot tougher than you think. Remember: When I give the signal, you guys come through quickly alright?” With that said, he quickly and quietly made his way down the slopes. Negi and the others meanwhile stood still as they waited. It wasn’t very long until Kasey gave the signal, which was a loud roar. “That’s our cue,” Negi exclaimed as he quickly got up. “Come on.” As he took the lead, the others followed.

When they made it down, they were surprised por how big the area was. “Look at this place,” Konoka said with surprise. “Finding Mana’s weapons are going to be tough.” While it was true, they forgot something- with Negi around, it meant that searching would be pretty easy. Saying the incantation, his wand once again performed a beam, but instead of pointing straight it formed into different directions. The light pointed to the left, the right, another left and then a right. Everyone was impressed. Following the directions, they then saw a large, compound building. When they went inside, they realized that it was the wrong place and were surrounded por armed troopers. Everyone stood perfectly still as their weapons were pointed directly at them. Negi soon noticed a bizarre symbol on the front of their armor. It wasn’t clearly noticeable but it was in fact a strange, interesting symbol. “I think this must be the terrorist group Kasey was talking about,” He said in his mind. “Do you think they are the ones who took Mana’s weapons?” Just after he thought of that, a gun shot was heard. Upon turning his head slightly to the left, he discovered that Mana got out her only gun and shot one of the armed troopers. They suddenly became confused as they didn’t know what mais to do. It was too late however for the gun slinger girl shot every trooper in the room with excellent reflexes. The others were not only impressed, but felt blessed. “It was nothing..” Mana said quietly. After that, they quickly left the building as they hid around the corner from one of the buildings. “So much for your magic!” Asuna exclaimed with anger. Negi didn’t understand why his wand gave him the wrong direction. He started feeling bad for causing trouble, but Konoka and Setsuna helped him out por not putting the blame on him. “Why don’t you just try again?” Konoka asked with a bright smile. Negi’s frown soon changed into a slight smile as he nodded.

Once again, he chanted the incantation as the tip of his wand lit. When it started to light up, the beam pointed straight this time. In his mind, Negi hoped this was the right way. Following the directions from the light, everyone ran. No troops were anywhere to be seen as they assumed Kasey was keeping them busy. They eventually made it to another compound building but was smaller. Also what made it different was that it was plain, with no paint or texture at all. Negi assumed this was the place. As soon as they entered, they were surprised to discover Mana’s entire gun collection that was protected behind the same glass material she used back at Mahora. Everyone looked with astonishment. It wasn’t because of the fact that they were safe, but the fact that she had so many. “How does she even store them?!” Setsuna asked. Mana responded that she has a place hidden somewhere within the academy grounds where she stores them. Kū also added that Mana is what many call- a true mercenary. Though they already knew this, they were deeply astonished por how many armas she had. Negi then discovered something that surprised him. What he saw was a strange looking machine that appeared to have been made from the Magical World. He observed it carefully and eventually realized what it was. “So that’s what they are trying to do,” He said in his mind with astonishment. “They were simply trying to fuse magical powers in Mana’s entire arsenal. This really makes sense now.” While he was happy to have figured it out, this was something he needed to keep to himself. He then returned to Asuna and the others as they were busy looking around. “Alright. We better go ahead and mover all of them out of the building now.” The girls were too busy observing the whole collection of armas and didn’t even hear him. It wasn’t until a little while later when they got to work, moving every single gun out from the building and into back of one of the buildings straight ahead. As soon as they were finished, they checked to see if every one was recovered. “That’s all of them.” Mana said. Everyone felt better, even Asuna. Not only was the mission a major success but it was also an easy one sense they didn’t get attacked much.

However, the moment to rejoice didn’t last very long when they had forgotten someone- Kasey. “Oh no! We forgot about Kasey!” Negi exclaimed with worry. The others were also stupefied when they realized they forgot about him. “I hope those strangers didn’t get to him.” Konoka said worriedly. Asuna however had a positive attitude sense she is considered his loyal, biggest fan. “The way I see it, he’s probably tearing through those morons like it was nobody’s business.” This is in fact a true case as Kasey’s powers are far greater than anyone else- even Negi himself. While this would be the simple case, they weren’t too for sure and something had to be done anyway. “What is the plan?” Konoka asked while looking at Negi. There wasn’t much time to think, but he knew that the seguinte thing they had to do was check on their fellow comrade. He assumed the worse could’ve happened. Before long, a loud sound was heard to the right. Upon turning their heads and staring, they noticed a large lion was running away from an army of troopers. “That’s him!” Konoka exclaimed. Setsuna quickly covered Konoka’s mouth so that the troopers wouldn’t know it was them. Indeed a plan was needed to be a fort. Suddenly, something zipped past them which shocked everyone. Negi’s reaction was then filled with triple shock when he noticed Kū standing in the center of the pathway. “Get back here!” He exclaimed. The girl however didn’t move. This was the moment she had been waiting for- to test out her new martial art skills against an army of troopers. When the lion soon passed her, she seized her chance and performed a very powerful karate mover on them. It was a very devastating attack which sent almost the entire army away which surprised everyone including Mana. While the troopers were still beaten, Negi and the others managed to catch up to Kasey who was in very bad shape. He was bleeding in most of his body, but wasn’t bleeding badly. Negi and the others were worried. However, in an instant, Kasey’s regeneration ability kicked in and all the blood, wounds and scars were completely gone. This shocked everyone as they had no idea he was capable of such acts.

A little while later, Kasey transformed into a dragon as everyone got on his back. They all then flew their very way back to Mahora which was a long, long journey. Prior to returning, all of the students raced out and gave them a big welcome reunion. Upon all of this, Negi still couldn’t get pass what he encountered- the mysterious symbol and the magical weaponizer machine. “What does it all mean?” He asked in his mind. He kept on wondering and wondering but was unable to come up with anything. The only thing he was able to determine was the reason why those troopers wanted to use all of Mana’s weapons. Later that evening, he was still in dire thought about it. He couldn’t even go to sleep because it troubled his mind. As the seguinte dia arrived, he was on his way to the academy when Evangeline and Chachamaru showed up. “Negi,” Evangeline said out loud. “I would like to consult you with something for a minute.” He was in a hurry, but didn’t want to turn her down and stayed. “What is it you want?” He asked. Evangeline then explained what she had encountered yesterday. Negi was surprised por the fact that she knew it all. “But, how? You couldn’t have.” The girl giggled evilly a little as a crooked smile filled her face. “Don’t ever underestimate me Negi Springfield,” She whispered in his left ear. “I know everything and see everything. Do me just one favor and don’t tell anyone about what you say yesterday- at lease not until the time is right. I don’t want all the action to go to waste at once.” With that said, both her and Chachamaru quickly left. Poor Negi was now filled with confusion as he had no idea what mais to think. It was one thing to encounter the terrorist group but not being able to explain it as also a difficult income. He also wasn’t able to figure out what Evangeline’s temptation was in all of this- could she be part of the terrorist rage too? Who knows. But one thing is certain, the adventures that lead to up to event are well underway.