The whole park became quite as the epic battle in history came to a major close. While Asuna, Konoka and Setsuna were passed out cold and starving, Negi, Chamo and Kasey were helping them. For Kasey, it was easy as all he had to do was transform into an animal that could carry things on its back. Though a camelo was an excellent choice, he went for a mule. “What kind of animal is that?” Chamo asked. Negi thought he was being rude and told him to stop. Kasey however gave a little chuckle and responded that he was a mule, which was a cruz between a donkey and a horse. They were both fascinated por his facts and in their minds, realized why he turned into one. “These things are known for carrying heavy stuff,” Negi explained. “I hope I am right.” Kasey nodded while giving him a little smile. “Indeed you are,” He said while walking towards Negi. “Now let’s say we get going.” With that said they all left the park and made it on the concrete walkway. They had to mover a little faster, but not too fast so that Asuna, Konoka and Setsuna wouldn’t get feel uneasy. After a moment of walking, they passed por a comida stand that was actually being run por Satsuki. They agreed to stop here so that the girls could get a bite to eat and regain their strength. “You stay here,” Negi said. “I’m going to go get some food.” Understanding his motives, Kasey stood near the grama while being careful not to mover so much sense he was carrying a lot on his back. After ordering and having a little social moment with Satsuki, Negi arrived and told Kasey it was seguro to come out. With that, he slowly came out and stopped near the mesa, tabela as Negi carefully put each of the three girls down in the seats.

Within minutes, they regained conscious. “Where are we?” Konoka asked as she tried adjusting her eyes. Kasey started wondering what was going on in which Chamo gladly explained. “You see, when their contract is done, they return to their normal state. But the thing to remember is when that happens they loose their strength and end up starving.” Kasey thought it was tragic, but Negi said that it’s just part of the deal and that it doesn’t cause any pain. Asuna turned to see Kasey and was a little shocked. “What kind of thing is that?” She asked while pointing. Negi responded that it was mule. Because her mind was being processed, she couldn’t exactly follow. “A what?” “A mule.” Konoka responded. They turned to her with amazement. “How exactly did you know?” Asuna asked. Konoka responded that she just knew. It wasn’t a proper answer, but they went along with it. A little while later, the girls were able to walk and everyone made their way to the apartment complex. They first had to drop Setsuna to her room which they all bid her a goodnight. After that, they made it to their room in which Asuna and Konoka decided to take a bath. While they were bathing, Negi, Chamo and Kasey were sitting near the little table. “Kasey,” Negi said while staring at him in a serious expression. “There is something I need to ask you.” Kasey was prepared for whatever was on his mind. The only thing Negi asked was what good Kasey had with these shape shifting powers. Surprised, Kasey didn’t know how to respond to such a question. “I’m sorry,” Negi exclaimed. “I know I shouldn’t have asked such a question. I am only concern about the protection of this world and my students. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.” Kasey did understand and responded that he too felt the same way. “This is why I wanted to keep my powers as a secret for a while.” Kasey said. After a brief session, both Negi and Kasey were able to talk things out. “I know I can trust you Kasey,” Negi said while smiling. “You are just like me in that way- wanting to protect and become powerful por doing it.” Kasey also smiled, but didn’t respond. por this time, Asuna and Konoka both entered wearing nothing but a towel around their bodies. “There is no shampoo.” Asuna moaned.

As everything came to peace, Asuna, Konoka, Chamo and Kasey were fast asleep. Negi however wasn’t asleep as something bothered him. In his mind, he kept thinking the consequences if in fact Kasey turned evil. The outcome of this tragic thought sent him into chills. “No, I cannot think about this,” He said in his mind. “There is no way he will ever become like that. Only the most skillful can do things like that and I don’t know anyone who could.” With that being said, Negi was able to close his eyes and drift to sleep. The seguinte morning, Negi awoke to a little commotion. Konoka and Kasey were trying to wake Asuna up, but with no success. “Good morning Negi.” Konoka said while smiling. He also said good morning to her as he carefully got up. “Is she over sleeping again?” Konoka responded and explained that she and Kasey were doing their best to wake her. “We have been trying for almost twenty minutes,” She also added. “She is bad as a hibernating bear.” Kasey wasn’t very amused as bears were short of a big deal to him. In fact, he can turn into bears. But he didn’t make a deal about it. A little while later, everybody was awake and on their way to the academy. Asuna took a big yawn. “I keep telling you not to sleep late.” Konoka said while leaning towards her. Asuna didn’t make a big deal about it and just remained quite. Negi meanwhile was deep within thought again. He still couldn’t get over what happened yesterday- the battle between Kasey and the monster from the Magical World. He also couldn’t get over the possibility of what would happen if one dia the tragic event did occur. His mind came back after Kasey asked if he was okay. “Oh, I’m fine,” He responded while giving him a little smile. “Don’t worry.” Although his expression showed that he was fine, Kasey still thought something was off. He knew it had something to do with yesterday, but decided not to mention anything until the right moment. Once they made it to the academy, class went por like normally- despite Negi’s teaching being a bit off.

The school hours passed on and it seemed like poor Negi was on the stage of depression. All of the girls were stuck worrying and wondering what was in his mind. “Professor,” Ayaka said while raising her hand and standing up. “What is going on with you?” Shocked, Negi didn’t know how to respond. If he answered, it meant he would be revealing the secrets of Kasey and his powers. Instead of being truthful, he decided it was better to make something up. “I just have a bit of a headache that’s all.” Ayaka was surprised, but wasn’t too worried. “If that’s all, why don’t you just take the dia off?” “Thank you very much Ayaka, but I can manage another few hours,” Negi responded while atuação cheerful. “I’ll be okay.” With that being said, Ayaka and everyone felt better. One of the girls however wasn’t at all happy. In fact, she gave a little frown as her eyes weren’t visible. When the hours finally came to an end, Negi was in his office gathering all of the assignments. Chamo then entered and quickly climbed on the desk. “Yo Negi! What’s wrong? You were atuação really weird in class.” Negi didn’t respond, but just stood still while staring at the pavement of the desk. It took Chamo a few tries to get his mind to return back. “Oh! I’m sorry,” He said while scratching the back of his head with his hand. “Well, I’m not sure if I can share. It’s personal and well..awkward.” Despite his concern, Chamo had every right to know. “You can tell me everything. I promise I won’t tell a single soul.” Realizing that he was truthful, Negi started to explain everything. Chamo’s reaction was questionable. “You mean to tell me that you’re afraid of this guy’s powers from turning against the world?” Negi nodded slowly. “I know it’s wrong, but I cannot help but fear that something awful may come of all this. Not only am I worried, but I am sure the girls will too.” Chamo did all he could to calm him. He even explained that if Kasey was put under a spell, it wouldn’t last forever. “He is like you in ways,” He said while patting him behind the neck. “So, don’t feel skittish about all of this okay?” Although he was just an ermine, his words were wise enough to convince Negi. Meanwhile, near the door, it turned out Asuna, Konoka and Nodoka overheard the entire conversation.

“So that’s what been bothering Negi.” Konoka said while looking down at the floor tile with a worried expression. Nodoka also felt bad. Asuna however felt outraged. “How can that brat say such things?!” They tried to keep her quite because they weren’t far from his office. “You have to calm down,” Konoka said softly while still covering Asuna’s mouth. “He will hear you and know we were ease dropping.” After a segundo of being relaxed, things went normally for a while. Their concern however wasn’t gone. “Do you honestly think Kasey can be trusted after all?” Nodoka asked. Both Asuna and Konoka looked at her with shock. “How can you ask such a pergunta Nodoka?” Asuna asked with a little annoyance. “Calm down,” Konoka said while getting in between them. “I really don’t know Nodoka. I doubt Negi knows. But we cannot ask him at the moment. He will really be enraged with us.” Nodoka didn’t like hearing that and certainly hated keeping secrets from him, but they had no other choice. “Well, I refuse to believe Negi or either of you,” Asuna exclaimed. “Kasey is the coolest person I have ever met- seguinte to Negi of course and I refuse to classify him as a rival. I’m sticking with my opinion and that’s that.” Konoka and Nodoka stared with astonishment. But in seconds, Konoka gave a little giggle and a wink. “You seem to care for Kasey.” Asuna blushed as she took a few steps backwards. “I-I do not! He’s just cool that’s all.” Konoka continued teasing her while Nodoka stood back watching- though her mind was filled with concern over Negi. “If he is really upset about Kasey, then I have to so something.” She said in her mind. But remembering what Konoka said gave her the chance to erase that thought.

School ended and all of the students have left. Asuna, Konoka and Setsuna were standing out near the entrance. “Where is he?” Asuna asked with annoyance. Konoka giggled. “Relax. He’ll be out soon enough.” She was right for a moment later, Negi showed up. “Hey. Sorry to keep you waiting.” “It’s alright,” Konoka said while bending down to get close to his face. “We weren’t here that long.” With a little smile, Negi returned to normal. Although it was alright, Asuna didn’t feel quite right about it. She felt like something fishy was going on in his mind. “Negi, may I ask you something?” “Sure,” He responded. “What’s on your mind?” It was then she asked him about Kasey and what she overheard. Konoka and Setsuna were severely shocked that they did the best they could to keep her from blabbing. “Forget everything she said Negi.” Konoka said while getting in front of him and waving her whole arms and hands back forth. Setsuna was behind her trying to keep Asuna quite. Negi meanwhile stood perfectly still with no expression or sound. “It’s okay Konoka,” He said softly. “I had a feeling you guys would hear about this. I was going to tell you anyway.” Konoka’s reaction changed. “Oh. I’m really sorry.” Negi told her it was fine. After things were settled, they gathered near the fonte in which Negi explained everything- from the event of the monster to his fear of Kasey becoming part of the demonic forces. Everything that was told put shock to the girls except Asuna. “What a bunch of garbage!” Asuna exclaimed. “Knowing him, he will never side with those lunatics! After all, he saved my life. Why would he cadastrar-se such crowds when he already has a position of his own?” Setsuna told her to sit and be quite as she was being disrespectful. Negi said that his explanations were finished. “The way I’m seeing this,” Konoka explained. “Is that he is afraid of what will happen if in a matter of cases Kasey turns against us. I really don’t blame him at all actually.” Everyone stared at her with amazement. “You’re actually agreeing with something so wrong?” Setsuna asked with surprise. Konoka didn’t understand why everyone was making a big deal. “I’m just saying that it may be true. Knowing Kasey, he could turn evil in any given moment. No doubt about his powers anyway.” Negi couldn’t help but agree with her. “This is all difficult to believe,” He said while looking down at the ground with frustration. “Can we trust him or not?” It was a very difficult matter for not only him, but for Asuna, Konoka and Setsuna. They had to call it quits for not only it was getting late but also they were getting tired. Nearby, a dark figure was sitting in a tree. It turned out to be an eagle which became obvious who it was- Kasey. He overheard everything and as soon as they left, quickly flew away in the opposite direction. As soon as the place became empty, the two mysterious girls from a dia atrás showed up. They still couldn’t be revealed as they were covered in the darkness. “Tomorrow it will be.” The shortest one said.

The rest of the night went por as the seguinte dia arose. Negi was walking to the academy alone, which seemed unusual sense Asuna and Konoka are always, always with him. Setsuna would also occasionally tag along as well. Not wanting it to mortify him, he continued walking. As he made it to the open town, he then noticed three girls were snooping around. He knew them as Kaede, Fuka and Fumika. “What’s going on?” He asked while approaching them. They turned and were surprised to see him. “Good morning Negi.” Kaede said while smiling. The two twins were able to explain on what was going on. What they explained shocked him. “Kasey is missing?” They all nodded. “According to what Kazumi told us, he has not been seen the whole night. It is rather strange how he can vanish so quickly. He must have ninja skills or something.” Fuka and Fumika then started shedding tears in both of their eyes. “If we don’t find him, there is no telling what could happen.” Fumika sobbed. Both Negi and Kaede managed to calm them. “We are going to do what we can.” Kaede said while patting Fuka on the shoulders. Negi also said the same to Fumika. They both felt better and after that, Negi continued making his way to the academy. Once he got inside, he dropped por his office to take a breather. Chamo suddenly dashed into the room and climbed to Negi’s left shoulder. “Yo Negi! You heard what happened?” He nodded. “I can’t believe he would just run away like that. I wonder what caused him to do that.” Chamo then asked him if it was possible Kasey knew about what was told. It was at that instant when Negi’s expression was filled with sorrow. “Oh no! Last night, when I was telling Asuna, Konoka and Setsuna- he- he must have overheard everything.” “You’re kidding!” Chamo gasped as he fell down to the floor. Poor Negi was in for it now. Despite this outcome, he knew he had to solve everything. Not wanting to waste time, he quickly got up and left outside in a huge hurry. “I have got to find him and explain everything. This was all just a big misunderstanding.” While he was on his own, the students were searching all over the place. Most of them were down at the park, while others were near the Mahora town square. Two of these students, Yue and Nodoka, were checking down at the park. “How can anyone just leave without even leaving as much as a note?” Yue asked while sipping her juice. Nodoka didn’t know how to respond and just kept quite. She did after all overhear the serious notion about him and wanted to keep things closed up tight in her mind. Meanwhile, Ayaka, Makie, and Haruna were searching a nearby area located seguinte to the park. “This is just awful,” Ayaka said while showing some drama. “If anything happens to that little kitty, I shall never forgive myself.” Makie intruded and responded that it wouldn’t be only herself she would never forgive. Ayaka became so angry that she delivered a fateful punishment in which poor Makie was felt with sadness. “You guys seriously need to stop playing around,” Haruna said while shaking her head. “Otherwise, Negi will get mad.” Sense the word “Negi” was used Ayaka had a serious expression on her face and did all she could to search. Makie and Haruna were left behind.

As all of this was going, Negi ended up in a small forest. “How in the world did I get stuck out here?” He asked while looking around and scratching the back of his head. Before he could wonder, unfamiliar sounds were heard in every direction. He wasn’t prepared, but was ready for anything. Moments after, the sounds stopped and Negi relaxed. Suddenly, another sound was heard which came from behind Negi. “Hi Negi.” It said. Like a scared rabbit, he quickly turned and jumped the other way while shaking all over. Standing not far from him were the two girls. This time however, they were finally revealed. The shortest one was a blonde girl named “Evangeline”. She is actually a vampire and is known for being an “anti hero”, though she despises everyone- Asuna the most. The other is a tall, green hair girl named Chachamaru who is actually a robot created for being Evangeline’s guardian. “W-W-What are you two doing out here??” Negi asked with fright. “Don’t be such a kid,” Evangeline exclaimed while whipping the left side of her long, long hair. “I have an important reason for being here. But you have to listen to me. Do we understand each other?” Negi nodded quickly. “I am aware of the newcomer- the person who has the shape shifting powers. It is true that beings like those don’t come around so often but Negi, there is something you should know.” And that was when she said it. Negi’s reaction was filled with fear and surprise. “That-That can’t be! How could he?” “My point exactly,” She exclaimed. “You see, before coming to this world, that stranger actually came from the Magical World and from what Chachamaru told me, he actually works for a terrorist group in that world. Face it Negi- your new partner is nothing mais than a crook in disguise.” Negi was filled with guilt, shock and sadness. He didn’t know whether if she was telling the truth or if it was all a lie. He just slumped to the ground, on his hands and knees, while his face remained hidden. Both girls watched with silence and no reaction. “It’s up to you now Negi,” Evangeline said. “If you want what’s best for you and the students do away with Kasey at once. Otherwise- I will do it.” After finishing, she walked to Chachamaru and after she picked her up, flew up high in the sky. Negi meanwhile was still on the ground, being filled with confusion and concerns. All of that went away after he realized that all of this was keeping him away from finding Kasey and got up while he continued running through the forest.

The class was on the verge of finding their ally. But what came of him was actually revealed. Kasey, who was still a majestic Steller’s Sea Eagle, was perched on a árvore located near the beach. He traveled all the way here just so he could be left alone. Not only that, but he felt guilty over what Negi and the girls said about him. “Why would they think I am going to turn bad?” He asked out loud. “I mean, I have been mind controlled before, but I have always gotten myself out of those situations. Guess I am not cut up for being part of the class.” He was indeed filled with guilt and denial. It became so bad that all he could do was go out to the open water and catch fish. He caught and ate about three of them. This went on for a good minuto until something suddenly happened. Up in the sky, the clouds as well as as cores began to shift and change. From an eagle’s point of view, it looked as if a meteor was about to hit the surface. “Strange, a meteor couldn’t possibly be here. This has to be something else.” Although it wasn’t shown, Kasey did discover that what the cause was indeed not from a meteor. “Holly smokes! This is a very critical situation. I gotta do something. I may as well fight this por myself.” With that said, he quickly flew downward. Meanwhile, Negi was still desperately searching for Kasey. It would take him a lot longer to find him, but as it appears, something far mais sinister is about to come.