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earane posted on Aug 18, 2011 at 09:57PM
Came around this when looking at the IMDB page of Michael Nouri so not sure if it is true but thought I'd post it anyway.

We've learned a lot of Ziva's father, played by Michael Nouri, and how he shaped the woman she is on NCIS. But what about the special agent's mother?

Cote de Pablo tells TV Guide that she wants to move away from stories about Eli David and introduce some motherly love to her character's backstory.

She may get that chance in the show's upcoming ninth season.

"Ziva will be dealing with a Middle Eastern family, and the matriarch connects with her in a really interesting, personal way," says executive producer Gary Glasberg.

Sounds like Ziva could use the support, too.

"Someone from her past we haven't met before is coming forward," he says. "[Also], Ray will probably come back halfway through the season, and they will intersect."

Who do you think will come forward, and how will Ray's story arc evolve in the coming season? Could it be Ziva's mother who is introduced - possibly in flashbacks? »

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over a year ago gthouse67 said…
It would finally be nice to find out who taught Ziva to drive like a maniac.
over a year ago ooprea said…
After I saw the link, Ziva has been my favorite character :D I would like to know more about her family too