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This naruto fotografia contains sala de desenho, sala de estar, sala, sala de frente, salão, sala da frente, quarto de família, and quarto familiar. There might also be antro, den, boudoir, dormitório, sala de estar, sala de retirada, sala, and retirando.

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posted by renlillyren
“hey thats my spot”
Gaara turns round in a flash he thought he recognised that voice
A young girl of 19 stood at 5ft 8 her brunette hair tied back in a long pónei, pônei tail that draped over the pale skin of her shoulder her ocean blue eyes framed with a thick black line stared at him with no expression as Gaara looked down her seeing her red sleeveless topo, início which ended at the topo, início of her ribcage then down her stomach to her hip were the sign for amor was tattooed as a scar then to her black saia witch covered her 4 inches down her thigh too her fishnet shorts which stopped at the top...
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posted by deathchick9
One dia in Kanoha Lee was going to see Sakura when he saw Gaara His jaw dropped.
"Y-Y-You!!??" Lee screamed
"......Oh oi your uhhh.......A guy right?" Gaara replied
"M-My name is Rock lee!"
Sakura ran over and hugged Gaara.
"Gaara-kun!" Sakura shouted.
Lee's coração dropped
"I missed you." Sakura said happily
"Same here" Gaara said and started to blush
"What did you do to Sakura-chan?!" Lee cried
"Nothing...Creep" Gaara said coldly
Gaara and Sakura walked away hand in hand
"Neji Ten-Ten!" Lee yelled in distress
Lee ran to the training ground Neji and Ten-Ten were just sitting there.
"Guys Gaara...
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