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 Sasuke and Itachi
Sasuke and Itachi
Uchiha Itachi actually cared about sasuke mais than anyhting thats the real reason he kept him alive. He thought the village came above everything accept sasuke.The only reason he killed off the uchiha clan is because the village elders ordered him to under the nose of the third hokages. So keeping the village over everything else he killed the whole clan because the elders had reason to beleive that the uchiha clan was going to overthrow the village and control it.Itachi never liked conflict he always liked to avoid it because he grew up during the war and he hated conflict . He joined akatsuki to keep an eye on them to make sure they wernt going nto do anything that would affect the village . He died por sasukes hand which he always wanted to .He wanted sasuke to kil him and be a hero and return to the village . but when tobi (madara) told sasuke about itachis true intentions and now sasuke wants to kill each and everyone in the leaf village.......
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