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posted by AngelUchihaNeko
"Naruto! Don't yell! I am not deaf!"Sasuke said.
"Yeah,but... I am a girl and I don't like it!" naruto said. "I don't like it neither,but...the Outfits are kinda cute..."Sasuke said. "Do you want to say that you like it?"Naruto yelled at Sasuke. Suddenly they heard a female voice calling for help. "Help me!" a girl appeared in thier eyesight. Her fairy outfit consists of a tube topo, início with one strap that is light yellow and light green and rosa, -de-rosa and laranja borders. Her blonde hair is longer and in the form of a ponytail and it is decorated with a shell headband across her forehead. Her saia is...
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posted by AngelUchihaNeko
 naruto Harmonix
Naruto Harmonix
Attention! It's a crossover of naruto and winx club. If you're a fã of both of the series,you should read it!

sasuke and naruto were fighting in a strange terrain. it's in the ocean. Suddenly a magic glitter were around our lovely boys. What's that? they wondered. and then it happened!

There’s nothing like the magic feeling
The super me that it’s revealing
Winx it's on, We tottally got this
Full fairy power let’s rock this!
It's like a bolt of shimmer lightning
Completely gravity defying

Harmonix Harmonix
Ah, ah, ah...
Ah.. Harmonix Harmonix

Love is spinning all around me
Some galatic...
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posted by Sasunaru120
I will never stop

My life has not been easy.
But that never has brought me down.
When ever they say that I couldn’t do it.
I proved them wrong.
Working hard never letting go.

I was shunned, feared and hated.
I was being misunderstood.
But that didn’t stop me.
I would prove my worth.
I would let them see who I really am.

Then the years progressed.
There were some that believed in me.
It made me happy.
That something I had achived.
I was no longer alone.

But there was one.
Always arrogant and sure of himself.
Thought he was better then me.
Annoying and making me look bad.
I pointed him out as my rival.

He would...
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Chpt. 1: meet the uzumaki/namizakes

"A-are you serious kushina?" Minato asked standing from his assento at the cozinha table."yeah mom,seriously?" Nagato asked biting his nails in suspense.kushina nodded."mhm....I'm pregnant...again...." kushina said happily."alright!! Me and itachi are gonna be big brothers!!" Nagato said running around the room like an airplane.minato laughed and picked up his six ano old."you sure are nagato-kun...wanna call itachi and tell him?" Minato asked taking out his phone."oh can I daddy please?" Minato dialed fugaku's number annd handed it to his son when itachi answered.nagato...
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posted by Sasuke67
*Naruto walks in pre-school for dia 2*

Naruto: I can't wait to see Gaara today.

*Naruto walks over to Gaara*

Naruto: What is up Gaara, my man?

Gaara: The roof of the building.

Naruto: ...Okay...

Gaara: Do you have ramen with you?

Naruto: No.

Gaara: NO RAMEN?!

Naruto: Don't worry. We can ask Iruka for some.

*So, naruto and Gaara go to Iruka Sensei*

Iruka: Hm? What is it guys?

Naruto: We need ramen!

Gaara: Yeah!

Iruka: naruto I bought you 50 packets of ramen yesterday? What happened to those?

Naruto: You really think there would be one left if theres only 50?

Iruka: ONLY 50?! That "Only" 50 cost me most of my...
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-14 years later-
"Hinata!"yelled a women said hitting her escrivaninha, mesa
"yes she has killed our five ninija that was searching the rain village..."said a ninij with a mask on.
"This has got to stop she is killing too many ninijas....even the most powerful we have...EVEN THE SAND VILLAGE IS TRYING!"she crushed the escrivaninha, mesa into the floor.
"Do you want us to make an auther team to go after her my lady..."the ninija asked backing away a littlebit from her.
"NO!!she will just kill them like the authers i sent.....besides i need to hand out missons to teams.uuu i almost forgot i need a team to take a young princess...
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posted by weaslyismyking
Many will probably disagree with me on this, and I have doubts about it myself, but I think that Tobi may NOT be Madara. I know that Tobi being Madara makes sense and no one else would fit the part (at least I can't think of anyone) but I just want to put these out there:

1) Tobi is just a mask. Any ninja powerful enough could put on a mask and carry out an attack and blame it on Madara. Uchiha Madara was an extremely powerful ninja, so it would make sense to anyone who knew how powerful he was. Another reason he could be pretending to be Madara is to make people fear him and cause the 5 Kages...
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posted by alexmcneice
This is copied from a mangá translation site so these are not my words. I do agree with the author. If you want to read it on the website, it is

here is what they have to say.


I’ve been a little bit quiet in public discussions on this topic so I felt it was appropriate to post something. I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to send in supportive messages on the steps I’ve taken against recently. This includes sites like and, who have promoted the movement against him from their own websites, and all of the scanlators who...
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