naruto shippuden Favorito Fight????

elvemage3082 posted on Sep 14, 2008 at 01:44AM
whats you favorite shippuuden fight so far?
mine is when sakura and elder chiyo fight sasori, and to be exact, its episode 26 called 10 puppets vs 100 puppets.
the fight is just so cool.!!
now whats urs?

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over a year ago deathnote said…
my fav. shippuden fight would be the one between Sakura and Sasori like you :)
it was so cool and exiting to watch!! that why I love Naruto so much!! I think my second favorite would be the Itachi vs. naruto and kakashi, that one was weird also...

In the manga I liked the Itachi vs. sasuke one I can't wait till I see it in the actual episode!
over a year ago x00xanthx00x said…
my fave fight so far is in the manga when sasuke kills itachi, but my fave in the episodes would be....four tal naruto vs awesome :)
over a year ago heatherXnoah said…
mine was asuma vs. hidan so much drama
over a year ago joves123 said…
big smile
sai vs naruto on top of building where they first meet when sai and naruto locked blades sai said some comments i couldnt repeat here

oh and when sai says sakura was ugly and she smiles then sucker punches him that was good.
over a year ago slideshowgirl said…
Mines Hinata vs. Guren. Hinata totally kicked butt that day. Even though getting stuck in that weird crystal thing, it was awesome. She's gotten so much better in her recent years and prettier!
over a year ago naruto-fan101 said…
well i think my favorite battle was sasori vs sakura and chiyo too.
Sakura kicked sasoris butt with chiyo!
she was like CHAA and granny was like 10 puppets atack!!!
and sasori was like noooo im dead at the end lol
over a year ago Hinata1994 said…
big smile
my fav battle is hinata vs jiga in some filler episode, i don't remember. and second would be itachi vs sasuke.
i also like guren vs hinata.
over a year ago November_snow said…
mine is neji vs kidomaru, and itachi vs sasuke
over a year ago sparkyjade said…
HIDAN Vs. SHIKAMARU and KAKAZU Vs. kakashi/naruto/sakura/ect.
over a year ago faiqahsan said…
the best.....when we talked about the fight comes in my is between sasuke and fight ever!!!!!!!!!
over a year ago Zetsumanboy said…
the best fight is naruto vs pain
over a year ago delenafrenchfan said…
sasuke VS itachi
sasuke VS orochimaru
and sasuke VS 5 kages

always with sasuke ^^
over a year ago xXitachiXx said…
sasuke vs itachi i've been waitting on that fight forever!! didnt end well but yeaa..
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over a year ago rotcalex2011 said…
my top 5 in order
1. naruto vs sasuke (shippuden)
2. naruto vs pain
3. naruto vs kakuzu
4. sasuke vs itachi
5. sasuke vs killerbee

and bonus fav fite
6. shikamaru vs hidan

naruto = ultimate badass