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naruto Shippuden – épisode 240 – La détermination de Kiba – vostfr  TMTakas 0 823 over a year ago
naruto Shippuden – épisode 240 – La détermination de Kiba – vostfr  TMTakas 0 635 over a year ago
naruto Shippuden – épisode 233 – Le légendaire Ino-Shika-Chô – vostfr  TMTakas 0 857 over a year ago
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naruto fans, I have a question...  turkila 10 1759 over a year ago
The Twelve Days of akatsuki natal  TailsDollFriend 4 1268 over a year ago
who do you think tobi is .. madara or obito ?  kakashi-senpi 10 2995 over a year ago
who will the last fight be between?  jdack 6 6542 over a year ago
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