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posted by elinanalove2
 nana and takumi
nana and takumi
Nana K. a girl that use to live in a apartment with her mom but then she went to Tokyo because Shouji(now ex-boyfriend now who cheated on her in in episode 12 with that girl)to do his class there. Then she met this guy and trapnest that she loved before in trapnest she wnated to be with him and then one dia her amor camed true and takumi got her pregnet. On the other hand Nana O. a girl that plays in a band called "Blast." Her boyfriend plays in there until he was asked to be played in a different band called "Trapnest." Ren plays in Tokyo finally and then they finally met again. Nana O. and Ren and they was in amor again. But in one episode Nana and Ren said their Good-Byes and one dia Yasu did his feelings to Nana and then they were together because Yasu started their dating and it was romantic. I CANT WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENDS NEXT?
 nana o
nana o
posted by Lismine
Hi.My name is LisMine I'm a anime/manga lover Ilove to make artigos about animes and shows.So anyways when I was abit younger I was bronzing through animes on Youtube.And I found Nana well first I looked through the comments below to look and see if it was worth seeing.And since I don't judge this por one episode I judge them for the first two or four episodes I see.After watching the first episode I was actual hooked to it.

I have to admit it was funny,the black haired Nana was cool,someone who who would be smashing guitars and the red hair Nana was the opposite cute,funny and seem to have...
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