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my little pony - a amizade é mágica
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posted by jordy_dash
There it was, the remains of cloudsdale castle, my brothers....castle h he was put in a coma defending it from the changelings....he saw....him again and it stirred up his rage, he ran at the prince of changelings and tried to take him down but it was a trap, he was drenched in water taking his fogo abilities away and then electrocuted por that traitor....when he fell cloudsdale fell, luckily we have him back home...canterlot...the final city that the pónei, pônei resistance has against queen chrysalis.

I flew down to the wreckage and looked around for any thing that could help us, weapons, food, medicine...anything...
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posted by KendiKens
8 years atrás in Equestria,lived Spike's parents.His mom was Sweet Gem and his dad's name was Gem Knight.Now.....
Gem Knight:What has happened my darling?
Sweet Gem:I am waiting for an egg.
Gem Knight:Wha..I am so happy..
Sweet Gem:Me too....

Now,dragons want 5 years to have an egg,but for them is like 5 months.After 5 years......

Gem Knight:That egg is beautiful,and so big.I hope that his little wings grow up fast when he is going to get out of that egg.
Sweet Gem:Well,we just have to find out...

Baby dragões need 2 years to get out of the egg,but in the half of the segundo month,some ponies got into...
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