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 princess twilight sparkle
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posted by Quillabex
There are three basic steps to creating your own OC:
1. Choosing a race/species.
2. Choosing its appearance.
3. Choosing its personality.
However, there are much mais complicated steps to creating an actually GOOD OC.
First of many subjects, I shall state races and how you should execute them.


These are best ponies. You can obviously tell this, because they grow all of the other ponies food, and without said food, all other ponies would die. They tend to be stronger and mais dexterous than the other species, so try to incorporate this into the appearance/personality of the OC. They...
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 arco iris, arco-íris scares me
Rainbow scares me
My sister grabbed me and few high up into the air. Later i saw that we were near the arco iris, arco-íris Factory so i started to squirm but arco iris, arco-íris Dash held me tightly. We arrived there and we went into the factory, I was thrown into a dark corner where the floor moved from left to right. I saw other fillies that were my age being put into a special room where i suppose they were being killed because i kept hearing screams then a moment of silence in between then another filly would be sent into the room. I sat on the now stable floor and waited. I heard a busting and gun fire. It was General Sky Night, He came to save me. some how Pin Tail and Green Flame arrived to be in the factory and took positions at certain parts of the factory. Sky Night feed me and the other fillies....
 my sister is evil
my sister is evil
posted by Seanthehedgehog
 Mr. Sanchez
Mr. Sanchez
It's the 11th Con Mane story, and it begins in Berlin Germany. Con's best friend Fenix Lighter, an agent for the German Secret Service, M.I.3 is on his way to a marriage. Con, and another pónei, pônei is with him, until they run into trouble....

I was actually typing that while listening to the estrela wars theme song! lol

Fenix: Are we almost there? How do I look?
Con: Relax Fenix.
German pony75: *flies near them*
German pony23: oi look, there's a message.
Con: *reads it* Follow me.
German pony23: *follows*
German pony75: *lands*
Fenix: *gets out* What the fuck happened?
German pony75: Sanchez escaped,...
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posted by NocturnalMirage
Wheels of Evil – Part 5

Lyra comes início late. Or early. It depends on the point of view. Bon-Bon waits for her. She's sitting in the armchair. Lyra tries to sneak inside. She’s evading the objects carefully in the dark. Bon-Bon turns on the light. The unicorn winces and twinkles. Shields her eyes with her hoof.

“Where were you?” Bon-Bon asks coldly. She pierces her sky blue eyes into Lyra’s.

The turquoise pónei, pônei looks back at her. Doesn’t give an answer. Her casaco is bristled up. She doesn’t look like herself.

“I was just… joyriding…” Lyra finally speaks. Her voice is distant....
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