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 Rarity wallpaper
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Just a aleatório wallpaper of Rarity
pónei, pônei
my little pony - a amizade é mágica
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I totally agree. But I don't completely hate them.
my little pony - a amizade é mágica
I sing Happy Birthday to my bronies as Pinkie Pie! So, happy birthday! ^^
my little pónei, pônei
friendship is magic
pinkie pie
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*Bayonetta is my ponyfication off of the real video game character herself. I plan on doing a mini-series of different adventures she will encounter along the way. Some of these will include references to some fairy tales or other popular culture. I hope you enjoy this, as well as finding the references! Plus, this first one won't be an adventure, but the future ones will be.*

It was a beautiful dia in the little town of Ponyville, where everyone was going about doing some errands as they usually do. Plenty of stallions come up to a few mares and try to communicate with them, but don't really...
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For a long while, everything was normal. aguardente de maçã (now a strong filly) and I worked the orchard while Granny and Ma cooked. Pa worked on his artwork. Everything was normal.

Until one day.

Pa kissed aguardente de maçã on the head as he packed his paintings into the back of his cart. "When will you be back?" whined Applejack. "I'm just goin' to the art fair on the other side of town," he explained. "I'll be back soon, my little apple."

And with that, he pulled the carrinho onto the long road that winded through Ponyville.

Applejack leaned on me. "Big Mac?"


"Has Mama been actin' strange lately?" Applejack...
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