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 maçã, apple Jack
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pónei, pônei
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Once upon a time there lived a pónei, pônei named Trixie. Trixie was a show off and she act to everyone that she was the best at magic mais than any other unicorn. She treated everybody in ponyville horrible. When they saw Twilight Sparkle put the Ursa Major's' baby back in the cave with her powerful magic. They were all amazed. When that happened they started making fun of Trixie. Trixie couldn't take any mais of it and she ran far away from ponyville. She ran and ran. She was getting hungry and thirsty. She needed some comida and some water. She walked to a small pónei, pônei village. She could hardly walk...
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posted by Jekyde
Alright, I got some comments on my last Slendermane story. Most of them said stuff like "It should be 20% longer". So I revised it, and made it, just as the fãs requested 20% longer. Here it is!

Twilight Sparkle groggily jumped out of bed, wobbling when her hooves hit the floor. She had been at one of Pinkie Pie's midnight parties again, and she was beginning to suffer the cosequences of it. Black lines were under her eyes and her mane was all out of place. She picked herself up and yawned.

"Goood moooorning Spiiike...." she groaned.

"Hey, Twilight!"...
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all the feels...TT^TT
pónei, pônei
my little pony - a amizade é mágica
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my little pony - a amizade é mágica
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