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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Date: June 1, 1961
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming
Time: 9:16 AM
Railroad: Union Pacific

Smoky Joe: *Driving the train at 60* (When does the speed decrease? I want to crash the train.)
Stylo: Okay, we're gonna be heading up Sherman colina anytime soon.
Smoky Joe: What is the speed there?
Stylo: 50.
Smoky Joe: I have to tell you something.
Stylo: What is it?
Smoky Joe: I'm not slowing down. I'm going to make the train crash on purpose, because you made me stop in the train yard.
Stylo: You were going too fast.
Smoky Joe: I was going the right speed. Now I'm going to fuck things up.
Stylo: *Applying the brakes*
Smoky Joe: *Takes the brakes off, and makes the train get back up to 60*
Stylo: You know? I never met anyone as stupid as you.
Smoky Joe: Well good luck trying to make the train slow down in time. I'm out of here. *Flies out of the train*
Stylo: *Sees the turn up ahead, and applies the brakes* Just gotta get it under 50.

The train slowed down to 49, and Stylo continued driving the train to Laramie.

Smoky Joe: Hahaha. *Turns around, and sees the train* Oh shit. I have to go back, and try to make the train crash again.
Pete: *Arrives in a truck being driven por Hawkeye* Joe!
Hawkeye: *Stops the truck*
Smoky Joe: *Lands in front of the truck* My full name is Smok-
Pete: Does it look like I give a fuck?
Smoky Joe: Yes.
Pete: Hawkeye told me that you, and Stylo were driving a freight train to Laramie, and we decided to take the precaution of following you.
Smoky Joe: Shit.
Pete: We don't allow show offs like you on this railroad. You're fired.
Smoky Joe: Whatever. I will get back at you. *Flies away*
Hawkeye: I wonder what he has going on in that mind of his.
Pete: Idiocracy, just like Gordon.
Hawkeye: It's a good thing we won't have to put up with him anymore.

The End

On the seguinte episode of Ponies On The Rails

A little filly visits the Union Pacific.

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog production

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