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Hey, guess what I got in store for you guys. I am going to review another shitty fanfic, just like I allways d- Nah, just kidding. Today, we’re looking at another Cartoon Hangover cartoon. Now, what can be said about Cartoon Hangover cartoons….. They’re really screwed up, but amazing shows…. Yeah, I’d say that’s about right. And since I already talked about Bravest Warrior, I’d say its time we talk about another hit show on Cartoon Hangover. That show is Bee and Puppycat.
Now, this is a series about Bee, a young cheerful woman, who constantly gets fired from her jobs. One day, she meets a strange creature named Puppycat, and he then takes her to this alternate dimension, where they than perform duties for payment, giving Bee an opportunity to have a real job she can hold on to. Now, is the series stupid? At first glance, maybe, depending on who you are. The series is written por Natasha Allegri, who worked on Adventure Time, and is directed por Larry Leichliter, who did the animation for Gravity Falls. Bee is voiced por Allyn Rachel, who is known for her commercial performances in 2011. And Puppycat is voiced por Oliver, the Vocaloid. Well, that explains the weird voice.
Now, again, some of you may think that the series is stupid. Again, it is at first glance for some of you. But, if you watch is some more, you will see that each of the main characters have some sort of side story. Bee has a crush on her best friend (Which seems to be a trend in Cartoon Hangover cartoons), and her own friend feels the same way, but dating her would jeopardize his career. Than there is Puppycat, who is always trying to talk about his past, which is actually very deep. I won’t spoil anything here, but I will say that the backstory is real interesting, especially if you’re a fã of Adventure Time’s writing.
Now, do I recommend this to you? Yeah, I do. The humor is good when it needs to be, the composição literária is pretty clever, the animation, in my eyes, looks pretty damn good, and the story is real interesting and keeps me watching the series. Like Bravest Warriors, this is a series you won’t enjoy if you are not a fã of Adventure Time. But, if you are, I highly recommend you check this out. But, hey, that’s only my opinion. What’s Your Take
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filly twilight: oi where are u going!!!!!!
Discord: to make celestia be a filly!
Filly twilight: oh no u won't! (uses magic to call luna)
Luna: what!!!!!! happened!!!!
filly twilight:discord is on the loose!
Luna: i thought u defeated him!!!!!!
filly Twilight: he he going to turn celestia into a baby
Discord: I already Did!!!!! (evil laughing)
Luna: Now i have to take care of my older sister i mean my youger sister i mean my sister thats a baby!
Spike: (gasps!) what happened!!!!!!!!
Filly twilight: Its a long story spike!!!!
Discord: time is running out!!!!!! (evil laughing!)

To be continued.......................
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