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posted by Seanthehedgehog
 General Itov
General Itov
This is a spin off of my Hedgehog In Ponyville series. It takes place between Discorded, and The Great Escape.

Theme song: link

Twilight's Student

For a long time, Twilight Sparkle has been evil, and has been working for a human scientist named Dr. Robotnik. He came from a world far away called Mobius.

Together, they created an army of Changelings, Griffons, and human soldiers known as Nazis.

After arresting Sean the hedgehog, arco iris, arco-íris Dash, Princess Celestia, and a group of other ponies, Twilight Sparkle was sent to Russia, to kill a Russian general.

However, as Twilight was doing this, she would find a discovery that would be with her for a long time.

Twilight's private plane was flying in Russia. The purple Alicorn jumped out, and flew safely to the ground.

Russian pónei, pônei 35: *Attempts to shoot Twilight*
Twilight: *Creates shield, making the bullets hit the Russian pony*
Russian pónei, pônei 24: AH! *About to soco Twilight*
Twilight: *Chokes Russian pónei, pônei with magic*
Nazi Captain: Princess, we're glad to have you here with us.
Twilight: I'm sure you are. How many casualties have we taken?
Nazi Captain: Twenty of our soldiers have been shot.
Twilight: How many did the enemy take?
Nazi Captain: Five, including the two soldiers you just killed.
Twilight: I'll help us win this battle, but I need your gun.
Nazi Captain: *Gives Twilight an MP40, and a pistol*
Twilight: And the ammo.
Nazi Captain: *Gives Twilight ammo*
Twilight: And all your grenades.
Nazi Captain: *Gives Twilight five grenades* What am I suppose to do without any weapons?
Twilight: Do what all officers do if they fail to succeed in this war. *Chokes captain with magic, and kills him* You're fired.

Fighting music: link

Twilight: *Shoots three Russian Ponies*
Russian pónei, pônei 67: *Throws grenade*
Twilight: *Makes grenade go back at Russian pony*
Russian pónei, pônei 67: *Gets killed por grenade*
Twilight: *Sees barrier* (I have to get passed that barrier.)
Russian pónei, pônei 3: *Tries to shoot Twilight*
Twilight: *Taking cover por tree* Man, play with your communist friends instead of trying to kill me.
Russian pónei, pônei 3: *Shoots mais bullets at Twilight*
Twilight: *Shoots Russian Pony* Now, to take down that barrier. *Sees boulder, picks it up with magic, and smashes barrier*
Russian Ponies: *Charging from barrier towards Twilight*
Twilight: *Throws a grenade at Russian Ponies*
Russian Ponies: Retreat! *Get killed por grenade*
Twilight: Thank you for making this job easy. *Runs pass barrier*
Griffons: *Taking cover from Russian Ponies* Princess Twilight, they have a machine gun set up on our position. See if you can take them down.
Twilight: Pleasure is all mine man. *Flies up into the sky* I should be able to see the-
Russian Pony: *Shooting machine gun at Twilight*
Twilight: *Creates shield* Machine gun. *Flies back down to griffons* They have the machine gun set up at a building not far from here. Fly with me, and try to kill them. *Flies up into the air*
Griffons: *Flying with Twilight*
Twilight: *Creates shield protecting herself, and Griffons* Shoot them.
Griffons: *Shooting Russian Ponies*
Twilight: Good. Now keep up the good work while I go find General Itov. *Flies away*

Along the way, she met two changelings.

Changeling 35: Princess, we found General Itov for you. Follow us.
Twilight: I'm right behind you.
Changeling 34: *Flies with other changeling, and Twilight* He's at that house your highness.
Twilight: Perfect. *Lands on ground with the two changelings*
General Itov: *Walks out of building* Twilight! Whatever you want, you won't find it here!
Twilight: Man, you can't escape a princess with a black man's voice. Celestia may have put that curse on me, but I'm evil, and I don't care.
General Itov: *Grabs Rocket Launcher* Turn back now! *Shoots rocket*
Twilight: *Creates shield*

The blast did no harm to Twilight, but it killed the two changelings por her.

Twilight: *Shoots two bullets at General Itov*
General Itov: *Jumps up in air, and kicks Twilight*
Twilight: *Falls on ground* Man, you've got a strong kick. I'll give you that.
General Itov: *Attempts to kick Twilight again*
Twilight: *Moves out of way* But you're still not good enough to kill me. *Pulls trigger on MP40* Wait a minute, I'm gotta reload.
General Itov: *Punches Twilight in the face*
Twilight: *Grabs pistol* Or I could execute you.
Two Russian Ponies: *Charging towards Twilight with rifles*
Twilight: *Creates shield, and shoots both Russian ponies*
General Itov: I will call for mais reinforcements if you don't surrender!
Twilight: *Grabs General Itov with magic* I have a better idea. How about you surrender?

mais music: link

Twilight: *Throws General Itov into building*
General Itov: Ah! *Coughing blood*
Twilight: *Pointing gun at General Itov* You ain't alone man. Where is your commander?
General Itov: Being evil has clouded your mind. You killed my commander a long time ago.
Twilight: Then he won't care about me killing you.

She was just about to shoot him, when a grey potro, colt grabbed the gun with magic, and was pointing the gun at Twilight.

General Itov: *Gasp*
Twilight: *Looks at colt, and then at General Itov, then back at the colt* A son.
Colt: *Continues pointing gun at Twilight*
General Itov: Jeff!!
Twilight: *Chokes General Itov to death with magic*
Nazis: *Run into building*
Nazi Officer: Princess Twilight. *Sees Jeff, then points at him*
Nazis: *About to shoot Jeff*
Twilight: *Uses magic to take armas away from Nazis, and shoot them with the guns*
Jeff: *Looks at Twilight*
Twilight: *Looks at Jeff* Come with me. mais soldiers will be here soon.

Okay, stop the music.

Twilight took Jeff to Nazi Headquarters in Ponyville. She used a spell to change him into a stallion, and he was now at the age of 22.

Jeff: *Sitting in a chair*
Twilight: You were little when I found you. Now, you're going to help me with a few jobs, and learn some magic from me.
Jeff: *Slowly stands up* What do you want me to do first Princess?
Twilight: I want you to go do some training first. You should be able to find the training area on your own.
Jeff: As you wish Twilight.

Jeff left Twilight in the room, and went por himself to the training room.

2 B continued
 Jeff as a colt.
Jeff as a colt.
 Jeff as a stallion
Jeff as a stallion
posted by Seanthehedgehog
Everyday, arco iris, arco-íris Dash flies around Ponyville to say hi to her friends.

Rainbow Dash: *Passing por Lyra* Good morning.
Lyra: *Too busy looking at a picture of a human to notice arco iris, arco-íris Dash*
Rainbow Dash: Ah, never mind. I'll say hi to her again later.
Zecora: *Running around Ponyville* There are no stores open!
Rainbow Dash: *Lands seguinte to Zecora* Hi Zecora.
Zecora: Rainbow, as much as I'd like to talk to you, I am much too busy.
Rainbow Dash: Why?
Zecora: I am trying to find a store that sells spice, but they're all closed, and that's not nice. You can never trust a pónei, pônei to do anything.
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Easter is coming up, so here's a fanfic about Pinkie Pie, and her friends celebrating it.

It was a nice sunny dia in Equestria. Everypony had just finished Winter embrulho, envoltório up when Pinkie Pie had an idea.

Pinkie Pie: I've got an idea!
Fluttershy: What is it?
Pinkie Pie: We should celebrate easter!
Rainbow Dash: Pinkie, what's easter?
Pinkie Pie: On some aleatório dia in April which keeps getting changed because of Spring Break, the easter bunny goes everywhere to hide Easter eggs in everyone's houses.
Fluttershy: A bunny does that?
Rainbow Dash: This isn't going to end up like natal is it?
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arco iris, arco-íris Dash goes super saiyan!
arco iris, arco-íris dash
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And he has a banana peel
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my little pónei, pônei
friendship is magic
once upon a december
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