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posted by alinah_09
The seguinte was a holiday and also the time for that party in Ponyville

in Flame's home..he was eating breakfast and put his luggage in his living room

"i didnt get my name in that book but at least i got extra cake...besides i didnt really do anything special" he said munching his cereal

in Moonlight and Moonshine's home..they were also eating their breakfast...daffodil salada and laranja juice

"hehe..cant wait.." Moonshine said eating a part of the salada with her fork being levitated

Moonlight washed down the salada with laranja suco, suco de then replied "yeah,me too"

Spectrum has just finished his breakfast and went to the shower,the train tickets in his own luggage and after a while he finished bathing

"well,i guess i got all the stuff" he said grabbing a towel with his magic and wiping his hair and pele, peles with it and proceeded in his bedroom to get his luggage and head for the train station

Orion also finished his breakfast and bathing he went to his bedroom to recheck if all his things were present..he found his book lying on topo, início of his escrivaninha, mesa he then took a glance of it..seeing his name along with his friends

"I know this is kinda like a big deal they have to do all this trouble?" he said again taking his attention on his luggage

soon they were all at the station with Spectrum arriving first

"Hey! you guys!" Spectrum said waving at his friends "here are your tickets" he then handed a ticket to them,then sat on a nearby bench with his bags close to him

"thanks" the rest of them said taking their tickets and also sat on the bench--...and the other bench,since they dont fit in just one..--waiting for their train to arrive

" know,you shouldnt have went for all this trouble..." Winter said looking at them

"It no problem..besides its for all of us" Flame said reassuring him

"..oh..well thanks!" Winter said giving them a smile..soon the train arrived and the passengers went inside along with them taking a seat

Winter took a look at Canterlot while the train was departing "hmm..."

"Are you nervous or excited?" Spectrum asked siting beside him on his left "Ponyville is not a bad place you know.."

" kinda like both..and yeah,i know its not bad..i trust you..its just..i've never been outside Canterlot..except when we visited out grandma at Franciscolt when i was young" he answered looking away from the window and at his companion

"You'll get used to it" Spectrum said,the train moving away from Canterlot and off to Ponyville

it took them a few hours before they reached their destination,some of the passengers + Flame and Moonlight fell asleep,taking a nap...and finally they reached Ponyville station..and when they got there it was now dark

Winter tried to wake out the sleeping beauties (XD) nudging them "hey,wake up,Flame..were here"

"ugh..5 mais minutes,mom.." Flame said covering his face

"Im not your mom..its me,Winter" Winter said emotionless "c'mon wake up!"


"If you dont wake up we'll leave you behind..the seguinte stop is..Antartica" he said crossing his forehooves

"What?!" he said suddenly standing up "okay! i'm up,i'm up!" he said,darting straight to the door it was Moonshine's trun to wake up her sister

"c'mon sis,wake wont be in the party if you're left behind" Moonlight said nudging her sister

"yeah,sure.." she said getting up stiffing a yawn "okay"

soon,they were all on their way through the streets of Ponyville,with the full moon -- with a picture of a mre -- and the twinkling stars clearly seen above...even beautiful than those in Canterlot,attracting the ponies -- no,Nightmare Moon is not hypnotising them.. -- with its sight

"Wow! the night here looks awesome!" Winter exclaimed smiling widely

"I told you,its not so bad" Spectrum answered,he too was marveled por its sight

"Yeah!" Moonlight and Moonshine said in sync

"I'll say!" Flame agreed,now flying

"hehe...well,lets keep going..Ponyville is not really that dangerous so we can have a short tour" Spectrum said walking through the streets with streetlights,he led them through a park;it had beautiful flowers,big trees,a drinking fountain,a small pond and a statue of a pónei, pônei in the middle of it "i looked at the Ponyville maps,last i now know this place like the back of my head"

"Whoa..." they were all awestruck at the sight of the park with the moonlight glistening in the pond

Spectrum then led them to its paths and off to a colina the night sky even mais beautiful,up close...the ponies laid on the grass,stargazing at the night sky...just a few minutos later then went off again

"Awwww.." his friends said

"hehe..sorry guys...but its getting a bit late,lets go..we'll see more,in the morning" Spectrum let them off to the streets,again..this time going to the newly opened sweets shop,Sugarcube Corner..they went inside,a sino signaling their arrival

"Wecome to Sugarcube Corner! we have a long list of sweets you can choose from!" a light blue earthpony mare said from behind the counter

"were here for a choco lorota, fudge cake!" Flame said tongue sticking out "and a slice of cereja pie!"

"what he said" Spectrum said pointing his hoof at him

"Got it! oi Carrot Cake! can you get their order?" She said while he stuck his head out of the door

"Okay,hun!-...i mean Cup Cake!" he went back inside to get their order

"you know you're okay to call me that since were already a couple" said Cupcake

"you're a couple now? now sweet! is he your husband?" Moonlight asked

"well..he became my coltfriend just a week ago...but he is going to be my husband to be" bolinho, queque said she said that their order was ready already wrapped and gave them to their customers

Spectrum used his magic to levitate their orders then he paid them the right amount of bits "Thank you ma'am here's the pay"

"Oh,thats no problem! always good to have customers! this is only the start though...we aim for our bakery to be one of the best in Equestria!" she said grinning at the thought,then she waved them goodbye

they went through the door out of the bakery out to the streets,off to Spectrums other house

Spectrum levitating the sweets out of the ogling Flame's reach

A while later they reached his início and a surprise caught them..eyes wide

To be Continued...

not bad? :\
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