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posted by Manul119
This is my only dream...

Do you know that i always want to see all my internet fãs in real life?
There are some people think there face is personal info..
But the reason i came to fanpop to make friends,See friends,Chat and many mais fun things..
I have very good friends but most of them don't let people see their real selfs..
I don't care if there ugly or anything..(Even i am ugly)
If there's someone who thinks like this...
They are not good friends..
If the other's mothers and fathers don't let them..
It's ok..
I am from India this country is known for it's beauty and various culture but I don't want it to be known only for that. You must be knowing that with relation to area our population is the highest, the government is trying to increase the literacy rate too. I'm just saying that my country is developing.

My dream is to make a quicker change, in the minds of people not in there day-to-day life. The partiality,corruption,stereotype thinking, I want to change it all. How will I do that? Maybe I can talk to them? Yes, when I grow up I will try my best, visit all the nearby villages, talk to people, educate them. It might sound boring in a generation like this but all I want to do is make a change.
posted by zari906
VioletSwan97 said:
My dream is... to live a long and happy life, and to have children and a husband who loves me very much. I also want to be a children's facial surgeon and save lives, and take care of people who don't have what I do. I want to make something of my life. And be the change that I want to see in the world.

<this dream is written por tolet, violet swan97.that was a very first post por cisne in this competition.that was posted in the forums area 'live your dreams' so far unto this last dia i received these 3 dreams por our club members which seems inspiring in any way i ll be posting the winner on the mural of respective participant and on club's mural too.
ADELAIDE: Our minds may wander during boring tasks because sonhar acordado is actually the brain's normal state, rather than a pointless distraction, according to a new U.S. study.

The researchers, reporting their findings today in the U.S. journal, Science, found that sonhar acordado could be the result of the brain mulling over important - but not immediately relevant - issues when the external environment ceases to pose interesting and engaging problems.

"For the most part psychologists have sort of assumed that we spend most of our time engaged in goal-directed thought and that, every so often, we...
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Why are we so down on daydreaming?
By Christina Frank

"Daydreaming is looked upon negatively because it represents 'non-doing' in a society that emphasizes productivity," says John McGrail, a clinical hypnotherapist in Los Angeles. "We are under constant pressure to do, achieve, produce, and succeed."
But sonhar acordado can be beneficial in many ways and, ironically, can actually boost productivity. Plus, it's something almost everyone does naturally. Psychologists estimate that we daydream for one-third to one-half of our waking hours, although a single daydream lasts only a few minutes.
At their...
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