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Taken from messageboards.

Thank you to SomeRandomPerson for coming up with this!!

As always, read at your own risk…. andorinha your comida and/or drinks before going any further, or you will choke with laughter!

Warning: A Non-Muser will not get any of the inside jokes below… so don’t even bother!

MUSE Matt Bellamy and Co.

1. Abso-kecking-lutely: muse-keck-teers word for absolutely using Asbsolution / keck / lutely.

2. Acromusm: (noun) shortening of muse song and album titles used por musers (i.e. OoS, TIRO, FAWY…)

3. Amusement: (noun) Way for musers to pass the time por creating...
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mais Quotes--

Matt-- "Apparently men go into a cave when they get stressed and I think that's probably true, although, personally, I tend to let it out. I did have a bit of a tantrum in my hotel bathroom last night, but I managed to repair the toilet, so that's OK"
Interviewer-- "You trashed a hotel toilet?"
Matt-- "Um sort of. Everyone does that, don't they?"

Five years they slog and scrape, painting and decorating por day, regurgitating old fraggle covers in cold local pub backrooms por night until, one day, their fairy godfestival appears in the shape of In The City '98, plucks...
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These are fotografia shoots from about 10 years ago.....

aleatório Quotes----
(After this artigo is a continued)

(I amor these)

after a party one night I went back to the dressing room and it was all dark. I heard some strange squelching noises in the corner, so I went out and got a video camera with night vision on it. I went back and got the last 10 segundos just as he went...."There are some things in life I never thought I'd see: the fall of the Berlin Wall, a cessation of violence in Northern Ireland or a British Deputy Prime Minister punching a man with a mullet, for instance. And right up there on the sliding scale is the vision of Matt Bellamy enthusiastically miming cumming on a girl's back. "I got the money shot on tape," he spluners.
Interviewer: Your huge in America now, how exactly do you make it there?
John Lennon: Turn left at Greenland

This one is good---

Chris: "Who's the biggest bitch?"
Dom: "Matt's the biggest and we're his bitches."
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