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In the nearby future, a small family orders one of the NDR models(robots meant for household). But this robot is not like the others. This model has emotions like happyness, sadness, and even fear. He is unique. After serving the family for years, he decides to do everything that’s possible to turn human himself.

This is por far one of the best comedies I have ever seen. So far as I have discovered, I haven’t noticed any plot holes, the jokes are succeededly hilarious, even when they don’t have to be, like the scene where Andrew tries to learn how to tell a joke.

The film begins as two men deliver an android/robot, still named NDR 114, to a family. Moments later, the robot(calling himself ‘’one’’ all the time) lives his endless life with the name ‘’Andrew”. At first, Andrew was used for household, but the family notices this is not just an ordinary robot. He has the ability to show emotions like happyness, fear, etc. The headsupplier then asked if they wanted their money back or maybe a replacement at first. A few years later, ‘’Little miss’’ asks Andrews conselhos about a proposal his boyfriend made to her, afterwards asking Andrew if he wants to lead the wedding ceremony. He visits the headsupplier because he wanted others to read his emotions like people are doing with each other.

After the death of the father of his family, Andrew decides to procurar the planet for another robot like him. There seems to be only one place where a scientist works on upgrades for robots like Andrew. He meets a female robot named Galatea. She leads him to the scientist who can help Andrew to fulfill his dream to become human. Andrew goes through several transformations, as he meets Portia, the daughter of ‘’Little miss’’. Andrew knows this is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with, and he doesn’t want to let go of her. But to do that, he has to become ‘’mortal’’. At first, this seemed to be an impossible task, but with help from the most modern technoligy in future it finally worked, and Andrew got to grow old with Portia.

As for the soundtrack, listen to the credits. It’s one of my favourite soundtracks ever for a film because it’s so closely related to the film’s storyline.
 Andrew is not just a robot; he feels certain emotions like joy and happyness
Andrew is not just a robot; he feels certain emotions like joy and happyness
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A bunch of bumpers and trailers from the now defunct General Cinema movie theater chain, which was acquired por AMC in 2002.
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amor me if you dare
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