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These are some of my favorito romantic moments. In no particular order:

1. Little Women Friedrich and Jo

Jo runs out to thank him for her book. He proposes, she accepts, then he says- "But I have nothing to give you. My hands are empty." she puts her hand in his with the reply, "Not empty now."

2. The Family Stone Ben and Meredith

Parked in the car he talks about this cute dream he had about her. Then they simply just sit in comfortable silence.

3. Persuasion (1995) Wentworth and Anne

Seeming to forget his umbrella he brings a note to her attention giving her a hopeful, nervous expression (and it's the best amor note ever!). She hurries out and seeing him they look at each other with all the amor that's been denied them for so long.

4. First Knight Lancelot and Guinevere

When he saves her and they ride off on the horse. Then he lifts her down and carries her to rest under some trees. After feeling relief and catching their breath they smile.

5. In the Land of Women Agnes and Carter

In the rain when she tells him she has cancer and he kisses her. It wasn't shown in the trailer, so it was a sweet surprise.

6. My mirtilo Nights Jeremy and Elizabeth
Sleeping with her head resting on the counter with some pie cream left on her mouth, he leans to kiss her and she wakes to kiss him back.

7. The Terminal Viktor and Amelia

Although they didn't know each other long, they had a cute little connection. She was willing to sacrifice staying in a relationship with that man, to help Viktor finally leave the airport. When he comes out she's on her way in, and they see each other and smile. The snow falling is so beautiful.

8. My Big Fat Greek Wedding Ian and Toula

After a bit of flirting through the window he comes in and they both say hello.

9. Leap Year Declan and Anna

The seguinte morning, after having to share a bed, he wakes up and his hand is resting on her arm. He keeps it there for a moment and then finger por finger he gently removes his hand, and we see she was awake.

10. Jane Eyre (1996) Rochester and Jane

Feeling out of place Jane slips out of the party just to have Rochester at her heels, hoping she wouldn't leave so soon.

11. Pride & Prejudice (2005) Darcy and Lizzy

When she tells him to call her Mrs. Darcy whenever he's hopelessly happy.

12. Love Actually Jamie and Aurelia

Simple, he says in English- "It's my favorito time of day, driving you." and she says in Portuguese- "It's the saddest part of my day, leaving you." neither knowing what the other is saying.

13. Picture Perfect (1997) Nick and Kate

Needing a fake fiance to help her job, she offers Nick money. but he turns it around, saying he was planning on asking her out ever since they met, and it would be cool if some of her co-workers joined them. and enter one of my favorito songs, Say What you Want por Texas made this scene the mais perfect

14. Wicker Park Matt and Lisa

Being apart for so long; the way they just fall into each others arms, at the end, was wonderful.

15. Return to Me Bob and Grace

He goes to Italy to tell her he loves her and puts his head to her heart.

I couldn't help but mention Pearl Harbor (two of my fave scenes with the same girl, different guy. Damn she's lucky)

when the cork hits Rafe in his busted nose and he says she's so beautiful it hurts. she reminds him it's his nose and he says it's his heart. and we are definitely beijar him, no question.

and the amor scene with Danny in the parachute hanger. it doesn't get anymore romantic than that!
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 the Vampire Diaries becomes an acdemy
the Vampire Diaries becomes an acdemy
Here's what would of happened if Vampire Dairies was a movie during the end of season 4 and start of season 5.
Elena Gilbert: where are we?
Rose Hathaway: St Vladimir's Academy
Caroline Forbes: Really? How did that Happen?
Bonnie Bennett:We got completely taken out of mystic Falls? who did this?
Rebekah Mikaelson: I did Bonnie bloody Bennett
All three girls: Rebekah, Didn't u leave?
Bekah: Yeah but I heard u guys are in college now and u guys needed some place to be so here u all are. The worst College in the entire world Enjoy.
Rose: Don't believe Her(suddenly Bekah sinks her teeth in to rose and kills her).
Bekah: Time to make your guys life a living hell oh por the way I'm in charge Here.
All three: oh no we gotta stop her.
Hayley Marshall; I don't think so Bekah left me in charge of watching u three.
 The former lead
The former lead
 the new head cadela, puta in charge
the new head bitch in charge
 The new female Leads
The new female Leads
 the girls Protector/ master
the girls Protector/ master
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