There's a Teen Titans Go! film coming out called Teen Titans Go! to the Movies. A lot of people are dreading the film, but I think that tons of people should check out the film.

1. The Teen Titans will finally be on the big screen.

There have been some Teen Titans films. However those films were direct to DVD, not theatrical. Robin has been on the big screen various times and Cyborg was in the Justice League film, but this is Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy's first theatrical film.

2. Slade will be the villain.

Slade is the Teen Titans' main villain and a recurring antagonist to Batman. He's become one of DC's greatest villains so having him be the main villain of a theatrical film is awesome!

3. Nicolas Cage is voicing Superman.

Nicolas Cage tried to play super-homem in a film, but the film got cancelled. Thankfully Mr. Cage will finally get to play Superman. Nicolas Cage as super-homem is a very creative casting choice so I'm excited to hear his version of Superman.

4. The film has lots of creative humor.

Teen Titans Go! gets mocked too hard. It's one of the most enjoyable shows ever made. The film's trailers have several great jokes including jokes about Alfred getting his own film, pointing out how Deadpool is a ripoff of Slade, and making fun of Aquaman.

5. It's one of the few times that a film based on a Cartoon Network show is getting a theatrical release.

Cartoon Network tried to have a big theatrical film por releasing The Powerpuff Girls Movie. Sadly the film didn't do that well which is likely the reason other Cartoon Network theatrical films weren't made. I'm hoping that this attempt at a big theatrical film based on a Cartoon Network show works out.

The Teen Titans Go! film looks like tons of film. I hope that you check it out.