Note: This review is dedicated to Adam West.

Justice League is a 2017 superhero film that is the 5th film in the DC Extended Universe. Despite getting mostly bad reviews there are lots of good things in the film and this review is about why the film is worth checking out.

The Plot

batman decides to lead a team of super heroes. He teams up with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg. batman is desperate to make the world safe, because of what happened to Superman. Sadly Steppenwolf is putting the world in danger. batman and his fellow heroes try to stop Steppenwolf. They decide to save Superman's life and get him to cadastrar-se the team.

The film's trailers made the film look exciting and the film sure lives up to the trailers. The Justice League members have very dangerous things to deal with and the film goes a good job at keeping things epic and entertaining. The subplots about the super heroes are well written and interesting.

The Cast

Ben Affleck continues to do a good job at playing Bruce Wayne. However Batman's not very likeable in the film. I'm not a big Wonder Woman fan, but she did have some pretty cool fight scenes. Jason Momoa is cool and fun as Aquaman. This film's version of Aquaman is much different than anterior of him, but I really like it. The Flash is likeable and really funny. He does a good job at keeping the film from getting too depressing. Cyborg is well written and cool. At first I thought he was a weird choice to be a part of the Justice League considering he's not usually 1 of the main team members, but he turned out to be a good addition to the group. Henry Cavill continues to be a great Superman. His super-homem brings lots of optimism and coolness to the film.

Steppenwolf has been mocked heavily por critics which is understandable, but I don't fully agree. Steppenwolf isn't as interesting as some of DC's other villains, but he was cool and Ciaran Hinds did a good job at sounding menacing as Steppenwolf. Jeremy Irons continues to be great as Alfred Pennyworth. He's a good scene stealer and I look progressivo, para a frente to him being in mais DC films. Amy Adams is still very sweet as Lois Lane. There are 2 after credits scenes. 1 of those scenes has a awesome cameo from 2 DC villains.

The Visuals

The film has pretty awesome visuals. The Justice League characters have really cool costumes. The action scenes are visually well done and exciting.

no geral, global

Justice League is a epic and fun action film that has plenty of talented actors, good characters, and outstanding visuals.