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posted by happyallie
Percy Jackson.
A very well though out concept, which i enjoy.
I loved the whole Greek mythology comes to life thing.Very Entertaining.Now how much it followed the book, we're not gonna talk about.The atuação was very well executed and the lead character ( his name escapes me) did an excellent job on protraying the role Of Percy Jackson.Another highlight was the trip to Nashville (represent!!)
I adored this brilliant fantasia movie and hope to see the sequels in the near future.

posted by happyallie
There's a lot of ways to go here.

First i would like to say how much this creeps me out.I mean i amor amor stories, don't get me wrong, but falling in amor right when you smell somebody isn't good enough.Yes, many would say im just saying this because i amor harry potter, but im just unsatisfied with this saga opener.I feel the atuação could have been done much better.Kristin Stewart did not fulfill the important role as Bella Swan.Now, Robert Pattinson is a good actor,and should be recognized for that,on the other hand this role was not,I feel, a good part for him.Others may think differently,but this movie fanatic begs to differ.Thanks for reading.

The Beginning of the Worldwide Phenomenon.

I felt this movie was a great opener for this genius work of literature.The Cast and Crew did a great job of bringing J.K. Rowling's ideas to life.Not much else i can say but how much Harry Potter has affected the world.
I amor the whole movie. Wasn't a bad moment through the entire movie.Well done to all who took part in the making and can't wait to see more.Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson were all brilliant in there opening career.J.K. Rowling is an incredible novelist and I am hoping to see much mais greatnest in her career as an author.