Instrumentos Mortais Who should play Jace in COB movie

kkluvbr posted on Mar 31, 2012 at 11:17PM
ALEXANDER LUDWIG is totally my first choice he played Cato in the Hunger Games and is HOT so far they have Jamie Cambell Bower for Jace and he played the creepy vampire ruler dude in Twilight and let's start off with eww... He's weird. They were going to choose Alex Pettyfer But he was doing another movie and I am IN LOVE with him! ANYONE BUT JAMIE!!!!!! He's weird and scrawny (JACE IS NOT SCRAWNY) And looks like a psychopath who'd you run away screaming from... PLEASE PLEASE IF ANYONE WHO HAS CONTROL OVER THE MOVIE GET ALEXANDER L. OR ALEX PETTYFER!!!! but I do love the person who plays Clary she's perfect!!

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