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MonsterHigh147 posted on Jan 27, 2013 at 05:25PM
This is a Monster High Roleplay! You can have your own original character or you can use one of the characters from the series! I am Jackson Jekyll.

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over a year ago NaomiWinx said…
Can I join in?
Can I Join with my OC Ju-Onia?
Name:Ju-Onia Grudge
Nickname:The Grudge

Dad:The Scream

Age:14,000,000,000 years olf (I know..shes old but sooo young)

Killer Style:
-Has VERY long white hair that goes to the ground the covers her whole face
-Has pale ghost skin kinda
-Wears a white raggedy dress plain white and dirty that goes to her knees
-Always hold a teddy bear in her hands never letting it go
-Has a stiched mouth with very small eyes with no pupils

Freaky Flaw: People always make fun of my Teddy Bear whos named Cuddles. It bugs me a lot

Favorite Color: White

Fav Food:Steak Raw

Pet Peeve: When I have to cut my hair I scream like a banshee and I refuse to shorten my hair

Fav Activity: Playing with Cuddles

Pet:My only pet is my Teddy Bear cuddles

Fav School Subject:Home Ick, it runs in the family

Least Fav School Subject: Swimming, it gets my hair wet
over a year ago LetsDuel2012 said…
Name: Racqulle Prysilla Skellington
Nickname: Rocky
Parents: Jack and Sally Skellington
Age: technicly 5 because she was made by dr.Finklestein at the age of 11 five years ago but says shes 16
Killer Style:
•she has black hair with electric blue streaks
•she wears graphic tees, with tutus leggings and converse
•she has bright green eyes that are black around then so when she closes her eyes she looks like Jack
• her mouth is like Jacks
• her skin is a very very pale light blue
• shes a skeledoll so she has some skeleton parts and some doll parts
Freaky flaw: the fact that I look awake when I go to sleep and how I loose my cool around Jackson
Fave colors: Red,Blue, Yellow, Green,and black
Fave food: pizza!
pet peeve: when the teachers take my skateboard annd when I get my videogames taken, im a huge gamer
Fave activity: shreading and playing video games
pet: four pet turtles.... nuff said
Fave subjects: Mad Science and music
Least fave subjects: History and math
I skate my way to school listening to music as my hair flows in the wind under my helmet, when I see Jackson. man, i've had a crush on him since my first day here. I blush a little bit as I continue on my way to school. I sing the song im listening to, everyone says I have both of my parents voices but I dont hear it. I grind on the banister to get in school and I make my way to my locker
 Name: Racqulle Prysilla Skellington Nickname: Rocky Parents: Jack and Sally Skellington Age: techn
over a year ago NaomiWinx said…
Ju-Onia:*crawls way over to locker with head twister upwards crawling like a spider* Gruuhhh...
over a year ago LetsDuel2012 said…
I look up "oh, hey Ju-Onia" I say taking my stuff out snd taking my helmet off
over a year ago Frankiestein65 said…
Can I join with my OC Amy?
Age: 1500
Monster parents: the dark angels
Killer style: Dark colours, they bring out the best in me. Also, I have some rocking purple tints in my deadly dull black hair
Freaky flaw: I tend to get a bit aggro when people tease me about my wings. Yes, they're massive, is that a problem?!
Pet, Angel, a dark blue unicorn
Favourite activity: flying. Duh!
Biggest pet peeve: my wings
Favourite school subject: Ge-ogre-aphy. I need to learn more about the surface.
Least favourite school subject: physical deaducation. Why should I run when I can fly???
Favourite colour: Black
Favourite food: dark chocolate
GFF'S: C.A. Cupid and Lagoona Blue
Additional info: Has crush on Holt Hyde, Hates Nefera de Nile (who doesn't)
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 Can I cadastrar-se with my OC Amy? Age: 1500 Monster parents: the dark anjos Killer style: Dark colours,
over a year ago NaomiWinx said…
Ju-Onia:Hiiiiiiiiiii Rrrrrrooooocccckkkkkyyyyy....
over a year ago LetsDuel2012 said…
I stuff my helmet in my locker and place my skateboard on the top shelf. I take a very short but longing look at Jackson from across the hall. I look back to Ju-Onia "so, whats up?" I ask
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over a year ago NaomiWinx said…
Ju-Onia:Mmmmmyyyyyy dddddddaaaadddd ssssaaaayyyyy tttttthhhhhaaaaatttt yyyyooooouuuu ccccooooouuuuulllldddd ccccoooommmmeeee ooooovvvvveeeerrrrr, yyyyyooooouuuuu cccccooooouuuuulllldddd iiiiiiinnnnnvvvvviiiitttteeeeee tttttthhhheeee ggggguuuuuyyyy yyyyyooooouuuuu llllliiiiikkkkkeeeee
over a year ago LetsDuel2012 said…
"cool!" I say then I think..."you know I like Jackson?" I whisper to her
over a year ago NaomiWinx said…
Ju-Onia:OOooooo....hhhhhheeee iiiissss ppppeeeerrrrffffeeeecccccttttt ffffoooorrrr yyyyoooouuuu....
over a year ago LetsDuel2012 said…
I smile "really?"
over a year ago NaomiWinx said…
Ju-Onia:Yessssssss.....*thinks for bit and takes out icoffin that inside her teddy bears body and taps screen and holds it up near her ear but you can see it with all the white hair in front of her face* Hhhhheeeellllloooooo
Jackson:Hello, what do ya need?
Ju-Onia:IIiiimmmm rrriiiiggghhhhttt beeeessssiiiiidddddeeee mmmyyyyy llllooooccccckkkkeeeerrr ccccoooommmmeeee oooovvveeeerrrr hhheeerrreee
Jackson:*turns around and waves over and walks over*
Ju-Onia:*hangs up*
over a year ago LetsDuel2012 said…
my eyes widen, and I can feel myself blusing, come on Rocky, use your level 9 charm "h-hi" I studder out. so much for level nine
over a year ago NaomiWinx said…
Jackson:Hi *looks confused*
Ju-Onia:Heeeeeeyyyyy, yyyyyoooooouuuuu kkkkkknnnnnooooowwww RRrrrroooccccckkkkyyyy rrrriiiigggghhhhttttt?
Ju-Onia:Wwwwweeeellllll ssssshhhhheeee wwwwwaaaannnnntntttttssss ttttooooo kkkknnnnooooowwww iiiiffff yyyyyyoooooouuuu wwwwwaaaaannnnnaaaaa hhhhhhaaaannnnnngggg ooooouuuuutttt
Jackson:Sure! We can maybe hangout tomorrow early. There is a great cafe that is amazing we could go to.
Ju-Onia:Gggggrrrreeeeeaaaatttt, sssshhhhhheeee'llllllllll bbbbbeeeeee ttttthhhhheeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeee.
Jackson:All right! Hey how's you're speech classes going? You speeech seems to be a little faster now.
over a year ago LetsDuel2012 said…
I smile a bit "cool" I say
over a year ago NaomiWinx said…
Jackson:Well nice to see ya! *walks off with the other guys to class*
Ju-Onia:Ssssseeeee iiiiimmmmm ttttthhhhhaaaaattttt aaaaammmmmmaaaaazzziiiiinnnnnggg
over a year ago LetsDuel2012 said…
I nod "you really are, thanks"
over a year ago NaomiWinx said…
Ju-Onia:Nnnnoooooo pppppprrrrrooooooobbbbbllllleeeeemmmmmmm..­...­.Ll­lll­lee­eet­ttt­tss­ss hhhheeeeeeaaaaadddddd tttttooooo Cccclllllaaaaawwwwwcccccaaaalllluuuuusssss­...
over a year ago LetsDuel2012 said…
"ok" I say
over a year ago NaomiWinx said…
Ju-Onia:*crawls on ground to Clawcalus with her*
over a year ago LetsDuel2012 said…
We get into class and i take ny normal seat, pretty much on cloud 9