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posted by lexabuti
There are rarely few series that encourage me to explore each actor and actress, but this is one. This is really a strong cast that surprisingly grows on you.

We seem to forget the passion that goes into creating a show for entertainment. Everything becomes a money game to boost financial appeal, but we should control the outcome. This show reminds of a project I did for a class a while back. The topic was clear and I had to deliver my pitch and present the final project to the class. I wanted to be innovative, because this was my passion. I had to ask favors from my friends who were doing film...
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All Missing fans. I have been trying to establish a unified fã base where all the sites dedicated to Saving Missing would be unified. Check out this video and leave your comments.
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ashley judd
Becca is left with no one else to trust. Giancarlo is shot and recovering in hospital, Paul is in jail and Martin is the one 'father figure' in her life that stabbed her in her back. At this point, I have no idea how Becca is getting to Michael. I keep hoping Michael would come to his senses and escape to find Becca himself. That would be a twist. Especially now we know Michael is a very curious boy. What was Martin thinking anyway, he is truly a cold hearted person. Their is ice in his veins. He fooled me when he said he loved Becca and acted as though he cared about her, and that rarely ever...
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