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Cube World is for the ones that like to adventure out (not in creative mode).
I woke with a sudden jolt, my whole body tickled with a strange sensation. I took in my surroundings, grasslands. Great. Just great, I really did need wood, and the barren wasteland that was set out before me had none.
"Ughhh..." I glanced over at my dad, "Hey you ok?!" I asked, helping him up. "Yes I'm ok sweetie, are you ok?"
Suddenly memories of my death came flooding back to me, "No! You pushed me into a creeper pit!" I snapped, "No! I swear!" "Dad! Your supposed to help! Not run away!"
"Yes but-"
Dad pushed me down to the ground, "Shhh..."
My eyes widened, griefers. Oh dear notch!...
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&Base on a ture story&

It begin in 1.7.3 beta when a person name thealphadogz (thats me) was trying to find a great server for him when he found out theres one for him.
the name of the server is called dungeons deep ( a real server) so he type the ip. when he got in the server he felt........ well werid is his first time being on a server btwXD and he was still a noob:). anyway he didnt know how to chat so he looked around found a small town called i think is called noobville ya noobville. He didnt know who the H*ll is the owner but he went to the wild and cut down some trees and made a crapy house near spawn. after that he got greifed oh he didnt know if this really was a grefing server oh what a shame. this is his first adventure for the noob.
I sat in my tiny wood house at the end of a gravel road. Darkness leaked through our windows. Another horrifying night. Mom would come back from the fields with barely enough comida to feed the family. Dad would come início from the mines, with probably nothing but coal and cobblestone. These were hard times. There were some scary spiders out tonight, but not much. Mom cam through the door smiling as usual.
"Hope your Dad finds something good, maybe gold!' She laughed happily. At that moment, one of dad's miner friends came bursting through the door.
"I have terrible news!" He cried," When we...
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