Alright this is a lil bit from my new story "Beautiful Liars" but first the characters..I'll be speaking from their pov....

raio, ray pov: Aye my name is Rayan but everybody call me Ray. I like big booty bitches. Because when we fuck it'll be mais to work with. I'm a nigga from Compton...Westside is always the best side. And ohh if a cadela, puta fuck up and cause my money to go she get hurt. I don't play and neither do my niggas.

Craig pov: Wassup I bees that boy Craig from Philly..moving to the west coast wasn't easy but we fit in. Dad told me to keep the enxada in the cozinha but away from ya business..homies and niggas before hoes. Aha ask that enxada i screwed over in Philly cadela, puta got hurt.

Jacob pov: Yeah my hair big as fuck but imma put my braids in. But imma tell yo bunda what else is big....haha....My friend Mr.Fernado...all the ladies amor him they be asking for more. See I tease then go for the kill making my one dia enxada cum until she passes out. But I have an annoying bunda lil sister name aaliyah imma stick my nigga with her tho. Shut her up.

Chres pov: All I gotta do is smile and every girl come running. But its them fucking thirsty hoes that stay blowing my bunda up. I'm not rich but when I get done fucking she look like she hit it big. 21 inches of dicky but I call him ROCZILLA. I'm not like my boy raio, ray she gotta please him so he'll forget about her punishment. Nah not me I'll beat that bunda then that kitty. I'm also called Dr.August because my "patients" have needs and wants so i give her my help. One last thing I have a cousin name Kyla Dione....don't ask.

Jaylynn pov: Call me gaio, jay or Ly. I'm from Florida. I'm the sexy girl every boy and girl wants. But I like zee dick...that's my older sis that like both. Carmen Isabella. My family got it all. House, cars, money, you name it we got it because ehhh we just rich. We stay fly and yeah I'm agressive as fuck. Meaning I'll fuck ya up.

(Btw Jaylynn looks like India Westbrooks and Carmen looks like Crystal.)

Carmen pov: Carmen Isabella speaking. I'm a wild child. Can't be controlled or tamed. I fuck people of both genders. Ahhhh amor it. And I know what you're thinkin "I bet this cadela, puta fight a lot" jokes on you because I don't. Never solves shit so why fight. But I always argue...ehhhhh. Its whatever.

aaliyah pov: Kind, generous, sweet, and other shit describes me. I party but I've never had sex. Imma wait. Until the time is right. I ain't gonna be like my rude, dumb, obnoxious bro Jacob...ewwwwwwwwwww. saying his name make me sick. I'm also a brainy head. What can I say? Can't be beautiful and dumb.

Kyla pov: Bonjour it is I Madame Kyla Dione. 4'9" worth of beauty. I'm not your typical girl from Compton. Its always crazy where I live now. Druggies, baby mamas, gun shots, riots on school lots. I used to live in a nice area but my mom ex boyfriend took her away from me and now I'm living with my constantly horny bunda cousin. Everytime his boys come I hide for hours.

Hope y'all like it. Feedback & check my wall.