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I have to quote Joel Ebert when he said "I believe that Michael Jackson is the most "American" entertainer that this great country has ever seen.
Well let me add this he just not only an American
entertainer but he is a worldly person. Look at
all the charity work he has done for the poorest
nations of the world .
He saved a child's life who was in a hospital
in Bucharest Romania . He loves children and he
hurts inside when a child suffers in great pain.
Michael is forever the King of Pop & a worldly
person in my eyes.
 Michael <3
Michael <3
1. Michael Jackson's favourite animated character was Pinocchio

2. When he was a child his favourite books included Rip furgão, van Winkle and The Old Man and the Sea

3. Michael Jackson was very ticklish

4. Saint Vincent, an island in the Caribbean, once issued Michael Jackson stamps

5. The singer once owned a boa, jiboia constritor, constrictor called “Muscles”

6. As a youngster he used to put spiders in sister La Toyah’s cama

7. He played a scarecrow in The Wiz, a movie version of the Wizard of Oz

8. He has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (one for himself and one as part of the Jackson Five)

9. Quincy Jones...
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Did you know that MJ was bullied por his own father Joe slapped Michael around all the time when

ever he missed up on lyrics to a song or messed up on a dance mover too that is the real reason why Michael has a

perfect voice and can dance so good its because of his abusive father Joe Jackson and i hate it when people

keep saying that he loved Michael so much and he cared about Michael he did not care about

Michael he only used Michael for riches then tossed

him aside like a outcast afterwards you see Joe was pissed that

Michael threatened to tell on him about all of the groupies that he was sneaking...
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