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As stated por singer, Jerry Butler, in his 1969 hit song, "Only The Strong Survive", you got to be man and you got to take because only the survive, but in Michael Jackson's case every word of it was true. Michael was a true survivor in every way possible having to deal with two child molestation allegations made against, two failed marriages and his some of the members of his family and their irrational jealousies towards him. Michael's has been pushed and kicked around so many times I can't even keep track.

The media spent most of their time trying underestimate; as well, as undermine him in...
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Michael left his apartment in a hurry so he could get to those security tapes. Though he'd never been much of a runner, he ran all the way to the bookstore without stopping. He was a man on a mission. He bolted through the front door so hard it almost broke off its hinges. Luckily no one else was there when he arrived. He rushed to the back room where they kept the security footage and started rooting through the tapes. It didn't take long for him to find the ones he was looking for. Breathing heavily, Michael seized the tapes and headed for the deposito de lixo, lixeira in the parking lot.

Just when he was...
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Having been in this club for 6 months, I can honestly say I enjoy every minuto of it. fanpop is not just a club for fellow "MJ" fans, but it's a place where you can learn, share your insight, exchange ideas and meet knew people.

I joined fanpop because I'm a "MJ" fan, and I wanted to see what it was like. Once I joined, people from every continent and cultural background welcomed me with open arms. The segundo thing I like pertaining to this club is the learning how to write artigos and review. I've learned how to postings and create my own pesquisas pertaing to a certain subject whether it's Michael Jackson, Barry Manilow or Nat "King" Cole.

Also another thing I like about fanpop is that everyone sticks together as a family. I have no intention of leaving this club, and this the place where I can express and be myself.
posted by House34
I wanted to write a few words..because I miss him and I have no one to talk to..I don't know..he was so wonderful..I don't need a reason to write a few words about Michael, right? :) I feel like sharing some meaningless words with his fans..

I miss him so much..

It's been so long...and I still listen to his songs :) I still buy his albums, I still look at pictures with him every dia :)

Did you guys see how big Paris is now ? Wow..I'm so happy for her..she's talking to the media, she's strong and ..She's beautiful, she is so nice :) Right?

I sometimes think of him and I picture him in different moods..now if I close my eyes I see him smiling :) his beautiful smile..

How do you guys feel? What song are you listening a looot lately ? I've been listening a lot to Hollywood tonight and Man in the mirror :)

Sorry I haven't put up a new part in a while...

“Michael hold on a second. Tell me what happened,”
“I’ll tell you later,” Michael replied, not bothering to stop packing while talking to her.
Brooke turned his head to face her, “Michael listen to yourself. You’re talking about leaving the country and all of my family behind to go to America so soon. Now tell me what happened Michael, before we do anything you’ll regret,”
Michael sat seguinte to Brooke, “How did Matt know about us?”
Brooke had completely forgot about Matt, “Michael I... I forgot who I was talking to , I was so...
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La Toya Jackson thinks a lot of Michael Jackson haters have had a change of coração since her brother died -- but it's unclear whether she's including Gene Simmons in that group.

You'll recall kiss got dropped from the upcoming MJ tribute show, concerto in part because Gene has said he believes Michael was a child molester.

This weekend in Bev Hills we asked La Toya if she thought the show, concerto should be off limits to artists who disrespected Michael. Her answer is all about forgiveness ... but are you buying it?
This is it movie,a movie made por AEG Live and Sony for the fãs of Michael Jackson,showing his rehearsals.But is it worth watching?
Of course every Michael Jackson (Such as myself) goes to see his King for the last time.But the movie is not a good tribute to Michel.Why?
The answer must be clear,there was 112 Hours of Michael's rehearsals,but they showed us only 112 minutes.But was this parts the best ones,or the worst ones?
They showed us the most terrible parts,why?
Michael's voice was terrible,it was weak,he was tired and he didn't want to sing but he did por force perhaps.He didn't sing well...
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