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 Brooke and Michael
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After the kiss Tatianna climbed onto the hosiptal cama and laid right beside michael and then she laid her head on his chest. Tatianna and michael then sat in his hospital room and listened to the rain as it began to pound on the window. Michael began to gentley run his fingers through her hair. "You know you never told me how you ended up on the street." Michael said. "I know...your not the only one....ive never really told anybody." Tatianna replied. "You dont have to be afraid to tell me." Michael replied. Tatianna sighed and she began her story. " I had just finished highschool, i was looking...
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The seguinte day, Jenna is on her way back from the OB/GYN, she has found out she is having a boy and she cant wait to tell michael, that is if she could get him to listen...

"oh michael, where are you?" Jenna said as she made her way through the maze of pathways under the stage. While she was looking for michael she ran into alicia. "Oh well if it isnt michael's bitchy best freind." Jenna said sacastically. "Well i thought since i punched the shit out of you, you wouldnt say anything or approach me, that sure as hell shows just how dumb you are." Alicia said. "Really?", "Yea really, and dont...
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