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posted by thriller4ever
I saw this on a blog_so funny! :))

"Michael used to loved calling people up. He would do it when he came over my house.
He would just pick up the phone, dial a aleatório number and start horsing around.

The person at the other end would pick up the phone and Michael would say, "whose this?"
They would reply something like, "it's Lenore".
He would go, "Oh Lenore, listen, were going to have to get a divorce. I can't carry on like this!"
She would go, "No, no, you have the wrong...."
Michael would interrupt and say, "No, Lenore, don't even try that on me. I've just had it with you!
We'll divide the property evenly and everything but it got to be this way."

Then he would hang up, leaving the person on the other end of the line wondering what the hell had
just happened!"

_David Guest
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