“Alright class we have a teste today so I don’t want any of y’all messin around.. especially you Amira” said Mrs Taquisha. “Huh?”. “Huh means you can hear” said Mrs Taquisha. The students and her friends were laughing at Mrs Taquisha. “Gosh why’s your name Taquisha?” Said Amira giggling “It’s ghetto” said Amira. “Gurl do you want to get detention again” said Mrs Taquisha. “Nah I’m good, but nice try”. “What part of stop messin around do you not understand” said Mrs Taquisha. “The oh” Said Amira laughing. Then her twin sister named Amani was sonhar acordado about going to a Michael Jackson show, concerto when she has gone to his show, concerto for two years. “Amani! What a supriseeee” said Mrs Taquisha. “You know we have a quiz, and you’re just in some other planet just sonhar acordado about Michael Jackson like always.” Said Taquisha. “Gosh you’re funny atuação aren’t ya?” Said Amira. “Shh-ut uuuuupa” said Amani trying not to get annoyed por her own twin sister. “Gurl I bet if you had a Michael Jackson teste on your escrivaninha, mesa right now you would’ve had a one hundred” said Amira. “Alright class I’m about to pass out the quizzes so you guys need to stay quiet.. Amira!.. expecially you” said Mrs Taquisha. “This is stupid” said a student that was sitting in the back row. “And how Mrs?” said Mrs Taquisha. The students were getting ready for their science quiz. “Mrs Taquisha? Why’s your name Tu and to the dang Quisha?” Said a boy who was trying to act funny. “Go sit out the hall”. “Wow like that” said Amira. “Yeah like that now I’m about to pass out the quizzes”. “Like I said shouldnt you be passing the quizzes out like earlier or somethin” said Amira being sarcastic. “Uhh Yeah what do you expect child?” said Mrs Taquisha. Amira and Taquisha were still arguing with each other even though they’re black. “Ugh they’re still arguing” said a girl with blonde curly hair. “Gurl yo feet stink because of that ugh as a slanguhh” said Amira. “This is getting interesting already” said a tall kid. They were still arguing even though the teste was supposed to start. “Well you two already wasted like five minutes.. oh wait a minuto thirty minutes” said Amani. “Start the damn teste woman!”. “Okay passin out the quizzes”. Amira was sonhar acordado while the teste started, and she was thinking about going to the skating ring with her boyfriend named Jay. Amira wrote down the plans she was going to do. When the teste started the students heard Billie Jean coming on, Amani got up of her escrivaninha, mesa and so was the others they were all dancing through Billie Jean.