“So you used to be married, and then divorced him?” said Michael Jackson. “Yeah I used to marry my husband, and then he was abusing me, but I also know how to fight.. when he beat it me up I beat him back.” said Tiffany Denise. Tiffany Denise was telling Michael Jackson how she used to be married, and divorced him. “I think you should mover out of his house” said Michael Jackson. “That’s not his house that’s my house” said Tiffany Denise. Michael Jackson and Tiffany Denise went to the backstage and said serious things. “Well Tiffany, but I think you should sell your house, or call the police, or you can stay over at my hotel.” said Michael Jackson. “Yeah I can do that and call the police” said Tiffany Denise. Michael Jackson really loved Tiffany Denise since 1987, it’s been only two years since they were hanging out with each other a lot and Tiffany Denise said “Michael? You’re really a good man” said Tiffany Denise “I know I am... I was abused too when I was a little kid.. Joesph Jackson abused me, and kept beating me.” said Michael Jackson. “That’s so sad Michael, and I never knew that you would lose a childhood.” said Tiffany Denise trying not to cry. “Well at least I don’t have to see him much anymore really” said Michael Jackson. While they had a long conversation Tiffany told him “I have to see my divorced husband” said Tiffany Denise “Wait?” Michael Jackson said purging his lips onto Tiffany’s. “I want you to be careful” said Michael Jackson looking worried. “Okay I will”. Sooner or later Tiffany Denise went to her house and saw her divorced husband holding a gun at her face. His name was Jayson he said to her “Get out of my house!” Jayson said. “This is my house! What’s wrong with you?” said Tiffany Denise getting a little nervous. “So you wanna play games I see Tiffany.. oh and I saw this divorced paper work right when I’ve checked the mail” said Jayson trying not to kill her. “I don’t even know you anymore” said Tiffany trying not to cry. “I got to go!” The seguinte thing is Jayson shot Tiffany Denise on the leg and cried and screamed for help, but she saw the police station and fell right seguinte to the door. “I need help!” Tiffany Denise said crying painfully. The police man saw Tiffany laying on the ground with blood on her leg while crying. “Get a mat for this young lady” said the cops. Michael Jackson came to the police station and saw Tiffany Denise with blood on her legs. Michael Jackson didn’t scream, but he cried it was a silent cry. “Tiffany? Why would you do this?” Michael Jackson said while crying. “I wanted to see him, but instead he pointed a gun right in my face” Tiffany Denise said while she was crying. The police called the EMS to get Tiffany Denise to the hospital. “Michael?” Tiffany Denise said while she was crying softly. “Yes? Tiffany” Michael Jackson said. “I amor you” Tiffany Denise said. “I amor you too” Michael Jackson said. The EMS truck came por and picked Tiffany up and she was still alive breathing. They took good care of Tiffany Denise until then she was no longer covered in blood she saw Michael Jackson and gave a big hug to Michael Jackson “Michael!!” Tiffany Denise. “I missed you so much Michael” Tiffany Denise said crying. “I missed you too” Michael Jackson said. “Come on Michael let’s go to your hotel”. “Ok” Michael Jackson said smiling. They watched a scary movie, and Tiffany Denise was holding onto Michael Jackson while she kinda got scared.