It was 9:00 AM three girls who were teenagers and their names was Amani,Amira,and Astrina they were sisters Amani and Amira were fraternal twins and Amani was watching a commercial of Michael Jackson that his show, concerto was today. Amani got surprised and said “Hey you guys we should go to a Michael Jackson show, concerto tuuuuday” Amira said “Wait a minuto I’m not going to his show, concerto with all them fãs just shoving around me including you” Amani said “Oh shamone Mira we should go there” Amira and Astrina laughed. Their parents wasn’t home, but they didn’t give a crap where they are going, so Amani,Amira and Astrina went to the store and bought Michael Jackson tickets Amani got so excited that she wanted to go to his show, concerto right now this early. Astrina said “I’m a get some plane tickets be right back you guys” Amani said “Hold up we need our cameras to video tape Michael Jackson” Amira said “Hell nah! Think that in yo head gurl” Amani said “Shut your jealous bunda I mean uhhh..” Amira said “Got nothin to say I see” Amira trying not to laugh. The three teenage girls went on the plane, and when it landed they were there waiting for the ticket line to open. Amani said “Hey guys let’s video tape us at a Michael Jackson concert” Amira said “Oookay if you say so” Astrina said “Yeah good idea” Amani and her sisters said “Hey guys I’m Amani and these are my sisters Amira and Astrina” Amani said. Astrina said “We’re at a Michael Jackson show, concerto and we’re waiting for the ticket line to open” Astrina said. Amani and Amira and Astrina were seeing others walking to his show, concerto and Amani said “We’re going to the ticket line right now, and we got our tickets for the front row” Amani said. While they were waiting for like two hours they stopped and got badges to meet Michael Jackson at his backstage tomorrow. Amira walked over to the comida side and said “Guys I’m hungry do you guys want anything to eat before we walk to the ticket line?” Amani and Astrina were like “Umm sure” they said. Amira bought the comida and said “Let’s go to the ticket line now” Amani and Astrina went to the ticket line the fãs were all pushing each other including Amani and her sisters Amira said “Get yo bunda out of our way” Amira said and Astrina said “Shh-ut up Mira we don’t want these people hearing you cuss all the time” Astrina said, but they made it to the front row and ran fast as possible to the front row. While they saw Michael Jackson get up onstage Amani said “I damn their fainted” Amani said. The fãs were screaming as loud as possible Amani and her sisters were recording Michael Jackson onstage. Amani said “I amor you Michaeeell” Amani said, and Michael Jackson looked at her and tried not to smile so he can perform, but Amani’s twin sister Amira said “This show, concerto is fun I amor it” Amira said. While the show, concerto was still going Amani saw other fãs passing out and Amira laughed hard and Amira said while the video was still playing “I’m laughing so hard they payed all that money to go to sleep” Amira said. While the show, concerto was over they met Michael Jackson at his backstage the seguinte day. They had their pictures taken Amira said “You’re one handsome guy” Amira said Michael Jackson was there trying not to blush and smiled at them he said “Thank you” while he was giggling Amani said “Can I have your autograph” Amani said to him. Michael Jackson said “Yes I may” then be wrote it on her paper and smiled at Michael Jackson. They had a great time in the 80’s. Amani said “I’m saving this video forever”