It was morning time, and it was 1987 Michael Jackson was getting ready to head out to the door to go to his stage, but when he was about to go he heard a phone call from his manager Frank Dileo. Frank Dileo called Michael Jackson and said “Hey Michael the show, concerto is at Yokohama” Michael Jackson said “Okay”. Michael Jackson went on his plane, and when the plane landed his fãs were all over there screaming “MICHAEL!!” Michael Jackson had to hurry up to his concert. When the show, concerto started he saw a beautiful woman who had curly hair,red lipstick,and a Jean jaqueta on he saw her in the front row and kept looking at her, and she smiled right at him Michael Jackson was cantar she’s out of my life. When he sung she’s out of my life he said “Can I come down there?” and one of the security guards picked that same woman up that Michael Jackson was looking at he hugged and kissed her on the cheeks. Michael Jackson whispered to her ear “I amor you so much meet me while the show, concerto is over” he said. The fãs screamed when they saw him whispering in her ear. While the show, concerto was over he saw her walk por he said “Hey I like you” he said, and the woman said “I like you too” and said “What’s your name?” and the woman said “My name is Tiffany Denise, and I’m a singer.. I have brothers and sisters who are in my group” Tiffany said Michael Jackson said “That’s a pretty name, and I think I’ve heard of you before your sister’s name was Symphony,Katrina,Mya,Kenya,Tanya” said Michael Jackson. Tiffany Denise said “And don’t forget my brothers too but I won’t tell you there names yet” Michael Jackson said “Okay... ummm hit me up tomorrow or something” Michael Jackson said and Tiffany Denise said “Ok” after that they started to kiss each other on the lips they had a cute relationship, then they became boyfriend and girlfriends.