When I was young, I never even knew or met Michael Jackson. But, my opinion is that he was a very talented artist and a loving, caring person to everyone. His songs make me dance and sing every time. The media and the false rumors and bad names about him I will never believe. I dislike when people call him Wako Jacko. It's not nice. Also when people say that he was guilty, I watched his trial on Tv and he was innocent. They wanted to use prejudice and stereotype against him because he was different. MJ haters beat it. We do not need that from you. Obviously, everyone can't be the same.That is just the way God made him. He was different and unique in his own special way. When he died, I was shocked. Then, I decided to learn how to dance and sing his songs. The first MJ song I heard on the radio was Beat It. Then, I started practicing the dance moves and learning the lyrics. It feels great paying a special tribute to the King of Pop every once in a while! In 2012 on Halloween, I was MJ for Dia das bruxas and performed Billie Jean. Beat It and Smooth Criminal are my two favorito MJ songs. MJ's legacy will never die. Rest in Peace MJ. We all miss you.