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posted by liberiangirl_mj
Hi everybody. It's been a long time since I didn't wrote an artigo on here but here I am.
I want to clear out my position/opinion regarding the spamming thing on this club and well, this is just an opinion... my opinion.
First of all, I don't have ANYTHING against any fellow fã on here. I'm just one of them.

Honestly, when I cadastrar-se for the first time a fã club of MJ.. usually I don't read the rules immediately, I just have an idea about how are the rules on the sites in general. I know I should but.. usually I read them after a while when I become more.. "part of it", if you understand what I mean. And I believe many of us do the same way.
The rules here are made por 4 people who created this site for us to enjoying it and to have fun: Papa, Dave, Michael and Cliff.

Maybe many of you have already read the rules of uploading imagens on fanpop, yet I will add the link of them here link
The rules of fanpop are saying that trying to not upload the same picture posted before por another fã is a thing we should keep in mind.
Now, I've became annoyed por this spamming thing, when I've seen photos, the same photos, posted almost dia por day. I mean I upload today some pictures and tomorrow or after 2 days I'll upload the same pictures that I uploaded today. You understand what I mean? It's understandable to make mistakes and maybe after a while to forget the folder from where you uploaded once... I don't know, but here I'm talking about daily things. The same fotografias added almost everyday por the same uploader. Posting the very same stuff each dia is disrespectful for the other fãs who want to see something new too.
Quizz perguntas that I've seen yesterday for ex. and today I've seen the same quizz perguntas added. The very same quizz with the very same fotografia added. (it's a aleatório date, I'm not talking exactly about today - oct 7 2012)
Pick questions.. here I don't know, I'd like to know your opinion: How do you see a pick pergunta that soud like this (just random): "Would you like to marry MJ??"options: "Yes", "Of course", "Are you crazy? sure!!", "All of them".
You can't ask the fãs to pick between "Yes" and "Yes", or between "No"and "No".

My friends, in my humble opinion, that's spamming.

I do respect everybody's work here, I've seen Cherl's quizzez - there are over 2200 quizzez!!!! That's an incredible work, all of us made some quizzez to MJ club(s) .. imagine how would be to make so many quizzez.. Maybe that's why she made mistakes too, because she made that much and it's a hard work to do.
But @Cherl, it's something you can learn from...we can learn from mistakes.. and to try not to repeat them.

I'd wish us to be open, to be able to talk openly without any of us to feel offended. Also.. very important is the respect!! We all should give respect to each other no matter the age. It doesn't matter if we're older or younger.. we all have hearts and feelings.. and everybody deserve respect.

That's all I had to say...I hope I didn't missed anything. I really, really don't want any of you to think or feel that I - and the others who talked about this spamming thing - tried to "dictate" something just because we dared to speak about it.
I hope, I just hope we are mature enough to mover on together and to learn from the errors.

I amor you all, I thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope you understand what I really ment.
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