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This dream came back to me...and I haven't had this dream in so long!

Here's how it went down: I was 25 and appeared on Oprah's show. We were talking about what música I was raised on. "I was raised on Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 and The Jacksons music." I told her. "Oh I see. Well, how did you react when you found out about Michael Jackson's death?" She asked me. "Well, to be honest, Oprah, I was devastated. I can remember crying that day. I was 16 years old when I found out about his death. I couldn't stand it. I had thought about meeting him in person and talking with him about cantar and dancing in private." "Can you say that you have feelings for him?" "Oh, I do, Oprah. There were times where I wanted to wish I was married to him, just to get away from the stresses of my own family. But I knew that was wrong of me to think that. I amor my family. Just as much as I amor him. He was everything I was looking for in a guy." "Uh huh. Well, when you were 13, can you remember what you did?" "I was learning the Thriller dance at church. It was fun, but it would have been even mais fun if he was helping me out." "Well, we have a surprise for you. Guys, bring him in." I turned around and saw them bring in Michael Jackson. I stood up and was shocked. "Oh my God...Michael Jackson! He's alive?!" Michael smiled at me and went over to me and hugged me. I hugged back, shaking in his arms. We continued talking to Oprah about things like my childhood and stuff. When we went to break, Michael pulled me to the back. "I heard what you said about me." He told me. "Oh, you did?" "Yeah. And I wanna ask you something." He got on one knee and pulled out a ring. "Michael-" "Will you marry me?" I got tears in my eyes and said "Yes!" He slid the ring on me and kissed my hand, and then kissed me. Then I woke up from it, thinking 'I haven't had this dream in so long...why did it now decide to come back?' I loved this dream, I never wanted to forget it. :) <3 Michael Jackson!
 mjkingofpop1 posted over a year ago
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chokladen94 said:
do you think you could give me some of your dreams? :) i haven't dreamed about him in a very long time now :(
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posted over a year ago 
i could send him to you if you want me to :) he's been visiting me almost every night.
mjkingofpop1 posted over a year ago
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